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Are you a writer that wants to share your relationship story? Or maybe just someone who wants to use writing to express yourself. Submit your story to us and we’ll publish it. We’re a publication that’s dedicated to dating, love, relationships, and people. And you’re more than welcome to take part in providing advice about any of the area’s that we cover.

When it comes to relationships—we love to talk about challenges, signs, reasons, and all types of things that come up when it deals with love. And when it comes to people—characteristics, traits, situations, and other psychology topics are always fun to discuss! You’re open to submit your story that relates to these topics and many more that surround it!

Submit your story to us and we’ll publish you

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Please make sure your story is about a particular subject:
    • For example: reasons why he left me, reasons why guys pull away, signs my love life was ending.
  2. Make sure to use your experience and create authentic advice:
    • Share your story but also tell other readers and people what advice that you would give them based on your own experience.
  3. Have a minimum length of your article be 800-words.
    • We don’t need you to write a novel.

Please include a short blurb about yourself at the bottom of the submission and article. That will be included as part of the published piece! That way you can share it with your friends, family, and other people that you care about.

To submit, please send your DOCX article to: [email protected]

Please use the subject line.. “SUBMISSION:” and then your article.

Publishing could take up to two-weeks from the time of submission and we will notify you once your article is live!

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