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Things To Do on a Sunday

My favorite reader emailed me the other day and asked, “Ryan, what are some things to do on a Sunday that could make my day great?” Well, I’m glad you asked that question! It’s a tough thing to make the best of your Sunday!

Sundays can be lazy and slow, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. You can do many fun activities to have a great end to the weekend.

Ending Sunday on a good note will also make you look forward to the upcoming Monday. Here is a list of 50 things to do on a Sunday whenever you feel it is a slow-paced day.

Bored and trying to think of things to do on a Sunday? Here are ideas!
Bored and trying to think of things to do on a Sunday? Here are ideas!

50 Things to Do On a Sunday

Ideas of what to do on a Sunday:


Sundays are perfect days to add physical exercise to your weekly routine. Exercising will make you sweat, a great way to detoxify your body. It also keeps your cardio in excellent shape.

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Clean The Kitchen

The kitchen can get quite messy over the week, especially when you are a working professional. It gets even dirtier when you have a family in the house. You can use Sunday afternoons to tidy the kitchen and make it homely again.

Arrange Your Room

Most people arrange the setup of their bedrooms during off days, and Sunday is usually the perfect day for it. Cleaning and organizing the stuff in your room gives you a sense of productivity and emancipation.

Change The Bedcovers

If you do not change your bedcovers regularly, you will not find your bed a comfortable resting place. Use Sundays to change your bedspreads, especially if you are a working professional. It is always lovely to return home to a clean bed after work.

Vacuum The Rooms

Dust can accumulate all over the house during the weekdays. It isn’t easy to find time to do a proper cleaning when you are working during the week. So, Sunday is a perfect day to vacuum the rooms in your home.

Mop The Floor

Keeping the house free of dust is good, but you should also ensure no floor stains. Mopping the floor on Sundays is an excellent way to ensure it is tidy.

Have A Warm Cup Of Coffee/Tea

You can start your Sundays with a warm cup of tea or coffee. There are many different flavors you can try to kickstart your day.

Cook Up A Nice Lunch

Sunday means you have the whole day to do whatever you wish. You can reward yourself by preparing a delicious meal for lunch. Since you spend the weekdays at work, Sunday is the most convenient day to cook delicious meals at home.

Prepare The Ingredients For Dinner

After you finish your lunch, you can prepare the ingredients for dinner. Preparing the ingredients in advance gives you more time to relax after dinner.

Clean The Fridge

You must occasionally clean the fridge to ensure there is no rotting food and the shelves are tidy. You can keep aside the food in other containers, turn off the refrigerator, remove the shelves/drawers, and wash them properly.

Restock The Pantry

You must keep the pantry stocked with all the essential foods used for cooking at home. A fully-stocked pantry will help ease your cooking and get meals on the table. It prevents you from having to rush to the grocery store for missing ingredients when you are cooking.

Wash The Dishes

If you are having a dinner party with friends and family on Saturday, you can leave the dishes to wash the next day. You can use Sunday as a day to wash the dishes properly without any hurry.

Dust Off The Furniture

The furniture constitutes the aesthetics of your home, and if left for too long without cleaning, it can collect a lot of dust. There may also be morsels of food in the nooks and corners of the sofas, which you can clean on Sunday afternoons.

Oil Or Moisturize Your Hair

Self-care is essential to release stress and refresh your body, and nothing feels better than oiling your hair on sunny Sunday afternoons. Washing your hair after oiling makes you feel energized and fabulous.

Make A To-Do List For The Upcoming Week

Sunday is the perfect time to plan out your upcoming week. Making a to-do list will help you manage your time and spend it judiciously. It also ensures you get time to do things other than only work.

Do Your Laundry

If you feel Sunday is lazy and dull, you can make it more productive by doing your laundry. Laundries on Sunday mornings ensure you have fresh and clean clothes by sundown.

Listen To Your Favorite Songs

There is nothing like listening to music to lift our spirits when the day is slow. You can spend your Sunday afternoons listening to your favorite artists while performing household chores or relaxing on the bed.

Watch Movies

Sundays are meant for chilling and giving your mind and body rest. The best way to relax on a Sunday is to have a movie marathon. You can get snacks and drinks and watch your favorite movies throughout the day.

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Attend Church

If you are a Christian, Sunday is the best way to reconnect with your spirituality. You can attend church if you do not have other plans. Attending church also helps you socialize with people from your community.

Plan Your Outfits For The Week

Do you plan on the outfits to wear to work for the rest of the week?

If not, you can use Sunday to plan the outfits to wear to the office for the entirety of the upcoming week. It will help you save 30 minutes to one hour every day.

Create A List Of Foods To Eat

Eating the same meal every day can be tedious. You can create a list of foods to eat throughout the week on Sunday. When you curate your food for every other weekday, it helps save a lot of time, and you will also enjoy your meals.

Order Takeout

You can order takeout from your favorite restaurant on Sunday, especially if you had a long Saturday night. You might not feel like waking up and cooking your food the following day, so ordering a takeout of your favorite food is also an option.

Play Monopoly

Bring your family together and start a monopoly game to pass the time on Sundays. You can make it a family tradition to play monopoly games every alternate Sunday. Playing board games will help bring your family closer together.

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Go Out For A Movie

You can go to the movies on Sundays to unwind. Going to the movies is always therapeutic, whether alone or with loved ones. It will help you get your mind off work and at home for several hours.

Visit Your Favorite Café/Restaurant

Treat yourself to working hard the whole week by visiting your favorite restaurant or café on a Sunday. It is impossible not to have a good time when good food and music are involved.

Go For A Stroll In The Park

Sundays are usually pleasant and packed with fewer people in public areas. So, it is the perfect day for you to go for a stroll in the park. This will help keep you fit, and you can also enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Go For A Picnic With The Family

If you have a family, Sunday seems like a perfect day to picnic with them. Check out some of the most popular picnic sites around your locality and go with your family to have a good time and de-stress.

Visit Your Parents

If you are a working professional living away from your parents, you should visit them timely on Sundays. This will ensure the bond remains strong between you and your parents, and you will also get to go back home with a satisfied tummy.

Give Your Pet A Bath

Bathing and grooming pets take up much time, especially when you are away for long periods. Since Sundays are generally off-days for everyone, you can bathe your pets in the afternoon and groom them for the rest of the week.

Iron Your Clothes

Going out in well-ironed clothes gives you a boost in confidence, especially in the workplace. You can iron or press your work clothes at night before you sleep to have clean and crisp clothes to wear to work.

Paint Your Bedroom Wall

If you have been planning on repainting your bedroom wall, you can do it on a Sunday morning. After painting, leave it resting for the rest of the day, and your room will be as good as new.

Mow The Lawn

Another way to spend your Sunday being productive is to mow your lawn if the grass has overgrown. Since grass grows at a rapid speed, people mow their lawns weekly. So, Sunday is the perfect day to cut your overgrown lawn.

Clean The Gutters

You should clean the gutter in your home at least twice or thrice a year. The pipeline that drains rainwater from the roof to the ground will be clogged if you do not clean the gutter. Set aside a couple of hours on a Sunday to clean the gutter.

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Plant Some Flowers In The Garden

If you have a Sunday all to yourself, you can spend it planting flowers in your garden. You will enjoy it, especially when spring and the flowers bloom.

Clean Your Pet’s Sleeping Area

Pets are excellent companions, but they need help maintaining the areas where they sleep and play. You can spend an hour or two cleaning the rooms of fur and dirt where your pets spend the most time.

Change The Curtains

Curtains can accumulate a lot of dust over a period. You can remove them and take them to the dry cleaners on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Go For A Long Drive

Not many joys can compare to the pleasure of going on long drives on off days. Sunday is an excellent day for long drives with friends and family.

Play Board Games

If you are not much of an outdoor person, you can stay home and play board games with your family and friends.

Listen To Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is such a thing these days. You can listen to podcasts anywhere with a smartphone and an internet connection. You can lock yourself indoors on a Sunday and listen to your favorite podcasts.

List of best podcasts to listen to.

Go Check Out The Local Market

The local market is an exciting place to spend your Sunday afternoon. You will find many interesting products from local farmers and business people.

Go Window Shopping

Window shopping is another way to have fun on Sundays, especially when there is nothing else to do. You might buy exciting things you didn’t know you needed.

Relax At The Beach

Summer afternoons on Sundays can get hot, and the best way to cool your body is by going to the beach and relaxing. You can go swimming in the ocean water when it gets too hot.

Read A Novel

Reading a novel right after a fresh shower is one of the most comfortable things to do on a Sunday afternoon. Choose to do this if you don’t feel like being physically active.

Empty Your Trash Cans

You can empty your trashcans on Sunday and leave them ready for pickup on Monday by the garbage collectors.

Have A Backyard Cookout

Invite your close friends and family for a backyard cookout on a Sunday afternoon. This way, you can reconnect with people that matter the most to you.

Take Your Car To The Carwash

You can take the car for a wash to a carwash nearby to get rid of the dirt and dust accumulated throughout the week.

Watch A Documentary

Look for a fascinating documentary to watch for your Sunday entertainment marathon.

Lend A Helping Hand To A Local Orphanage Home

You can lend a helping hand to the workers of the local orphanage home in preparing and serving meals. This will give you great satisfaction.

Try Your Hand At A New Recipe

Learning to cook new dishes is always a bonus, and no day is better to practice new recipes than Sundays. You have the whole day to come out with a tasty new dish.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a therapeutic pastime for many people, as it is super relaxing. Take the upcoming Sunday to go fishing, and you may land a nice, big fish for your next meal.


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