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Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

My friend asked me the other day, “Ryan, what are some things to do with your girlfriend that will make her feel special? I’m running out of ideas and curious if you had any tips in mind!” Well, that’s a great question. I love planning out great days!

When two people meet, they both enjoy the honeymoon phase. It’s full of fun and the desire to discover and please one another by doing exciting things together. Yet, couples might become bored in a relationship after the initial spark fades.

Statistics show that most relationships end around the 2-year mark. After that, people break up because of cheating, miscommunication, lack of support, or understanding. Yet, boredom can also be a big issue.

So, if you’re still getting to know your girlfriend or are trying to spice up matters, you’ve come to the right place. Read this guide to learn about 15 things to do with your girlfriend and pump some life into your relationship.

15 Amazing Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Finding a fun activity to do with your girlfriend can be tricky, regardless of the relationship stage you’re both in. If you’re still getting to know each other, you might be unable to determine what interests her or makes her happy. And if you’ve been together for a while, you might be confused about finding new interesting activities you can enjoy together.

Your girl will feel special when she feels you’ve put some effort into thinking about something fun that you can both enjoy. So, here are some excellent ideas that would ignite your relationship and help you connect better.

1. Have an Adventure Date

You and your girlfriend should always go on fun dates, whether you’re still getting to know each other or have been together for a while. Yet, instead of going to a restaurant, try to plan something more surprising and adventurous.

Take her on a helicopter ride or go hiking. Breaking away from everyday routine can do wonders for your relationship if you’ve been together for quite some time.

Of course, if you’re still getting to know your girlfriend, you might want to learn a thing or two about her preferences before taking her somewhere that she doesn’t like. For example, if she’s afraid of heights or has health issues, you might want to try something less strenuous.

Art galleries are very romantic! Add it to the list of things to do with your girlfriend!
Art galleries are very romantic! Add it to the list of things to do with your girlfriend!

2. Visit an Art Gallery

Art is an expression of the artist’s desire, so going to an art gallery or museum with your girlfriend will help you connect as you interpret artwork together. In addition, an artist produces art to communicate particular feelings, so you can see how you both see things and discuss similarities and differences.

You don’t have to go to a historical museum, but you can visit an interactive museum, science museum, or an independent art gallery.

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3. Travel Together

You don’t have to travel abroad, although you can if it’s affordable. But planning a lovely weekend away from home can be an excellent way to bond, get to know each other better, and get over your problems if you’re struggling with any.

Spending time on the beach or in the mountains can make you both unwind and relax. However, if your girlfriend is into something more adventurous, you can go to a skiing resort or a spot where you can go snorkeling. The choices are unlimited, but this activity needs a little planning.

4. Learn a New Dance

Studies show that dancing has a positive effect on our brains. It helps release stress and anxiety, increases the amount of serotonin in the body, and improves spatial recognition by boosting how our brains function. So, this is a fun activity that you can do together.

If your girlfriend is into dancing, she will significantly appreciate this move because it proves that you care and want to connect with her. Even if she’s not a great dancer, you’ll enjoy dancing together.

Just pick a nice song and let your bodies move. Crank up the volume, and don’t worry if you look goofy. You’ll both laugh your hearts out.

You can watch some tutorials in advance to make the night more memorable. There are plenty of dance videos on the internet, and they will be helpful if your girlfriend is a talented dancer. Either way, she’ll appreciate the gesture.

You don't have to leave the house to do Karoke! It's a super fun and intimate game! Add it to the list of things to do with your girlfriend!
You don’t have to leave the house to do Karoke! It’s a super fun and intimate game! Add it to the list of things to do with your girlfriend!

5. Try Karaoke

This can be the most fun activity you do together. Find a cool spot for karaoke, and go with your lady or a group of friends and spend the night laughing at each others’ singing skills.

You can rent karaoke machines or borrow from a friend to plan a karaoke night at home. Yet, if you’re still getting your girlfriend and she seems uncomfortable about singing in public, don’t push her. You want to make her feel happy, not pressured.

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6. Find a Theme Night

It’s always a good idea to hit the bar or club on the weekend to listen to music with your girlfriend. But, this time, make a little more effort and try to pick something more unique.

For example, find a theme night where you can both dance to the 80s or 90s music or pick an underground Latin bar. It’s always cool to try something new together.

7. Go to an Escape Room

When you and your girlfriend spend time in an escape room, you’ll get to impress her with your problem-solving skills and intelligence. Let her see that you can think well under pressure, as this will make her feel that you’re reliable.

Some escape rooms require a minimum number of participants, so you can try this with friends. Yet, in some cases, you can both spend time alone gathering the clues and solving the mystery.

Before you take your girlfriend to an escape room, you want to make sure that she’s not claustrophobic, as studies show that more than 12.5% suffer from the fear of enclosed and confined spaces.

If she feels stressed in a closed room or doesn’t like feeling trapped, even if she knows it’s a game, you shouldn’t put her in this stressful situation. Instead, you can ask one of her best friends or watch her reaction when someone mentions going to an escape room.

There are so many cool arcades across the United States! Add it to the list of things to do with your girlfriend!
There are so many cool arcades across the United States! Add it to the list of things to do with your girlfriend!

8. Enjoy an Arcade Night

Entertain your girlfriend’s inner child and take her for an arcade night. You can go with a group of your friends or hers, and you can definitely go alone as a couple.

Make sure that you have plenty of coins and spend hours competing and playing with each other. After that, you can enjoy a bite and some drinks, and she’ll never forget this fun night.

9. Play With Animals

If your girlfriend is an animal lover, spending time with these amazing creatures will be a rewarding experience for both of you. She might not like seeing them confined in cages, but you can always go to a petting zoo or shelter to play with some beautiful animals.

Going to an aquarium can also be fun, as you can spend hours looking at the majestic marine creatures. Some animals, like dolphins, are fun and will make her laugh.

If you’ve been together for a while, you can go to a shelter and adopt a pet. This also shows her you’re committed to your relationship and thinking about a future together.

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10. Go Bar Hopping

Whether you’re two alone or with a group of her friends or yours, you can go bar hopping and try various places in one night. You can do this in your hometown or try different spots while traveling.

The idea is to experience new things together and go out of your comfort zone instead of going to the same place every time. As a result, you’ll both enjoy the experience and might find a new favorite spot.

Have a picnic with your loved one! It's a great way to spend the day!
Have a picnic with your loved one! It’s a great way to spend the day!

11. Plan a Picnic

On a sunny day, you can plan a picnic for your special lady. Then, you can head to the park and enjoy the warm weather with her favorite snacks and drinks.

There are different options to choose from, so you can go for finger food, fruits, or a charcuterie board with the perfect wine pairing.

You don’t have to cancel the plans if going to a park isn’t easy. You can spread a blanket in your backyard and enjoy the weather in the comfort of your home. If the weather is bad, plan a picnic inside your home. Regardless of the place and setup, your girlfriend will appreciate that you’ve planned everything.

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12. Go Camping

It’s always great to break free from the daily chores. So, plan a camping getaway with your girlfriend to enjoy nature and connect away from stress.

Spending time bonding over the campfire and eating some roasted marshmallows or hotdogs can be what you both need to ignite the passion. Look at the sky, discuss your dreams, and even your fears. Of course, you can pitch a tent to set the mood, but if this isn’t your thing, you can always rent a cabin.

13. Try Ethnic Food

Trying ethnic food is a unique experience, whether you’ve tried it before or not. However, if you have some experience with foreign cuisines, you can suggest a new type of food and experience the unique flavors with your lady.

Things can also be fun if you’re both new to ethnic food. Whether you like the food or not, this won’t matter. This will be an experience that you can both remember. Just do some research to find some restaurants to try. Of course, ensuring your lady isn’t allergic to any type of food is essential before suggesting a new plate.

14. Take Her Shopping

Many women complain that men don’t understand what matters to them. Your girl wants to know that you enjoy doing things that make her happy, even if they don’t mean much to you.

So, if you want to see your girlfriend’s smile, take her shopping and don’t complain about it. Let her try her favorite clothes and help her choose. You might also choose to pay for some items as a lovely gift, making her even happier.

Even if she’s not buying stuff for herself, you can still go with her on her shopping trip. Imagine how thrilled she’ll feel if you go shopping with your girlfriend while she’s choosing a gift for a friend or a family member. It’s a selfless act that means a lot.

Drive in movies are a ton of fun! Especially in the summer! Bundle up and enjoy!
Drive-in movies are a ton of fun! Especially in the summer! Bundle up and enjoy!

15. Go To Drive-In Cinema

The first drive-in movie was screened in 1933, and almost 100 years later, you and your girlfriend can enjoy one while relaxing in the fresh air. People love this laid-back setting, as they can enjoy some privacy. You won’t worry about others bothering you or listening to private conversations.

You can bring a pair of lawn chairs to watch the movie, or if you don’t feel comfortable, you can both chill in the backseat. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and your favorite drinks.

Wrap Up—Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

When there’s a will, there’s a way, and if you want to make your girlfriend feel special, there are several terrific ideas to try. Some require prior planning, while others are effortless to plan.

Think of how long you’ve known your girlfriend and what you know about her preferences, as you don’t want to overwhelm her or make her uncomfortable. Pick something from this list every now and then to guarantee that she’ll always be excited about spending time with you.

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