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This or That Questions for Kids

Looking for this or that questions for kids? “This or That” questions are a unique and fun way of helping children learn about their friends and also themselves. A simple question like “ Pizza or Pasta” would actually help them know their food preferences. Questions about food are always fun and a good ice-breaker when it comes to kids. At times choosing an answer could get tough, when it comes to favorites, but ultimately, we all have to make a choice!

“This or That” Questions for Kids – What are they?

These are ice-breaker questions that are not similar to an open-ended question. The question asks a child/adult about two specific things and this makes answering the question easier. When such questions are put forward to a child/adult, it enables you to understand that child/adult better and know about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. This will make all your conversations with them more engaging and productive too. 

This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

Best Questions for Kids

—Best this or that questions for kids

Here are a few questions to ask kids and have a good time getting to know them!

1. Do you like birds or insects?

2. Will you swim at the pool or the beach?

3. What do you like more – morning time or nighttime?

4. What would you like to do – watch TV or read books?

5. What kind of food do you like – spicy or sweet?

6. Where would you love to be – outdoors or indoors?

7. Would you like to sing or dance?

8. Do you prefer being with others or alone?

9. Which fruit do you like – strawberries or sweet limes?

10. Which drink would you choose – ice tea or hot chocolate?

11. What would you like to do in your free time – Read comics or watch cartoons?

12. What do you prefer – super-hero movies or cartoons?

13. What do you like to play – sports or video games?

14. Would you read a book or listen to music?

15. What kind of snack would you choose – sweet or salty?

16. Would you like to run or jump?

17. Do you love to sing or act?

18. Choose anyone – eat the entire day or sleep the entire day?

19. How do you like a party to be – big or small?

20. Where would you want to go – the park or the mall?

21. Which month do you like October or December?

22. Which season do you love – summer or winter?

23. Choose anyone – sunny days or cloudy days?

24. Choose one of the two – reading books or audiobooks?

25. Would you like to ride a bike or go rollerblading?

26. Would you like to go ice skating or roller skating?

27. Choose your favorite dessert – chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream?

28. What do you prefer – try new games or play the same games?

29. Which one is better – visiting your grandparents’ or grandparents’ coming over to your place?

30. Which animal do you like – cats or dogs?

31. Which is your favorite meal – breakfast or lunch?

32. Choose your favorite – fruit juice or milk?

33. Which insect is better – a ladybug or a grasshopper?

34. What do you choose – steak or chicken?

35. Choose your favorite food – tacos or burgers?

36. Which one do you prefer – a bath or a shower?

37. Choose your favorite way to watch a movie – at the movie theatre or at home?

38. What is a better option – cake or ice cream?

39. What is better – cake or whipped cream?

40. Which is the better one – blueberries or strawberries?

41. Whom do you like spending more time with – friends or family?

42. Would you prefer rainbow colors or just one color?

43. What is your favorite color – red or yellow?

44. What kind of movies do you love watching – animated movies or adventure movies?

45. Do you like being on your own or part of a group?

46. Do you like listening or talking?

47. Do you love writing or reading?

48. Which one do you like the most – the moon or the sun?

49. Would you like a hot climate or a cold climate?

50. Which is the one you like – snow or rain?

51. If you travel with your family, would you go by car or by plane?

52. Do you prefer playing outside or going on walks?

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This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

Movie questions for kids

—Movie this or that questions for kids

  1. Who is the stronger superhero – Superman or the Hulk?
  2. Who is your favorite superhero – Iron Man or Captain America?
  3. Would you prefer watching movies about dinosaurs or dragons?
  4. The animal “Alex” in the movie Madagascar is a giraffe or a lion?
  5. Which movie would you prefer watching – Monsters Inc or Kung Fu Panda?
  6. Which is your favorite action animated movie – The Incredibles or Big Hero 6?
  7. Which is the funniest animated movie – Despicable Me or Shrek?
  8. What kind of movies do you like watching – horror or comedy?
  9. Which is your favorite series on Netflix – Squid Games or Stranger Things?
  10. Which is a good movie – The Ice Age or Spiderwick?
  11. Which movie would you watch anytime – Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia?
  12. Choose your favorite – Kung Fu Panda or Turning Red?
  13. Choose your favorite series – Never Have I Ever or Stranger Things?
  14. Which is the best Christmas movie – Home Alone or The Grinch?
  15. Which is the classic movie to watch on Christmas – The Holiday or Serendipity?
  16. Would you watch Klaus or The Christmas Chronicles this Christmas?
  17. Would you prefer having the power of Batman or the technology of Iron Man?
  18. Would you prefer being at Hogwarts or at Xavier’s School (Gifted youngsters)?
  19. What would be your choice – part of the vampire or part of the werewolf?
  20. Who would you battle – Troll (Norse mythology) or the Basilisk (Harry Potter)
  21. What would be your pick – winning an Oscar or getting into a reality series?
  22. Where would you prefer living in – the zombie apocalypse or the world post the apocalypse?
  23. Whose powers would you prefer – Wolverine or Green Lantern?
  24. Which movie marathon would you love to watch – Lord of the Rings or Star Trek?
  25. Which superpower would you love to have – reading minds or having Harry Potter’s magic wand?
  26. At the theatre, do you prefer having a bag of popcorn or a bag of chips?
  27. Which character would you choose to be – Ron Weasley or Harry Potter?
  28. Which character would you choose to be – Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) or Elsa (Frozen)?
  29. Which is better – transforming into another person or transforming into an animal?
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

Animal questions

—Animal this or that questions for kids

  1. Which is a cute animal – a squirrel or a cat?
  2. If you had a pet, what would it be – a rabbit or a hamster?
  3. Which animal fascinates you – a chameleon or a snake?
  4. Which animal, according to you, is intelligent – a chimpanzee or a dolphin?
  5. Do you prefer whale watching or horse riding?
  6. Which wild animal do you wish to see – a lion or a rhinoceros?
  7. Which animal do you think is the slowest – the sloth or the tortoise?
  8. Which animal do you think is the fastest – cheetah or lion?
  9. Which bird is intelligent – a raven or a pigeon?
  10. Which animal would you keep as a pet – a cat or a rabbit?
  11. Which animal is very playful – a cat or a hamster?
  12. Do you prefer watching animals in the zoo or in the wild?
  13. Do you prefer watching animals or reading about animals?
  14. Which insect is more creepy – cockroach or lizard?
  15. Which animated animal character do you love the most – panda (Kung Fu Panda) or lion (Simba, The lion king)?
  16. Which animal laughs – hyena or cheetah?
  17. Which is that animal you love in cartoons – unicorns or dinosaurs?
  18. Would you prefer riding an ostrich or a camel?
  19. Would you prefer to have a pet chicken or a pet cat?
  20. Which animal would you prefer milking – a cow or a goat?
  21. Which of these would you take for a walk – a Rottweiler or a Dachshund?
  22. Would you prefer swimming with whales or dolphins?
  23. Which place would you prefer to visit – a zoo or an aquarium?
  24. Which animal would you prefer cuddling with – a koala or a rabbit?
  25. If you happened to be on Noah’s arch, which animal would you save – the dragons or the unicorns?
  26. Which animal is funny – the llamas or pandas?
  27. Which animal would you fight – a puma or a bear?
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

Christmas questions

  1. Eating candy canes or eating chocolate chip cookies for the next 6 months – which one would you choose?
  2. What would you prefer to bring to bed – Santa’s head Elf or Mrs. Claus?
  3. Which place do you prefer living in – The North Pole or The South Pole? 
  4. Would you prefer being the Grinch or Mr.Klaus?
  5. Who would you love to have as a friend – Olaf, the snowman or Sven, the reindeer?
  6. Would you love your bedroom doorway to have a mistletoe hanging a huge Christmas tree, all decorated?
  7. Would you love to make presents or buy them for friends and family?
  8. Would you love to make Christmas ornaments or buy them for friends and family?
  9. What would you choose – being home and getting presents or being at Disneyland but not getting presents?
  10. Would you prefer living in a gingerbread house or getting into the Polar Express for a ride?
  11. Would you like to eat Christmas fruit cake 3 days at a stretch or eat candy canes 3 days at a stretch?
  12. What would you prefer eating – cereals in eggnog or a sandwich made of candy cane?
  13. Would you love to have a glowing red nose like Rudolph or an elf’s pointy nose?
  14. What would you like to do – watch Christmas movies and videos or go shopping?
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

Halloween questions

  1. What would you like to drink – a veggie smoothie or some good apple cider?
  2. Would you love reading a horror story or watching a horror movie?
  3. Which one would you choose – living in the zombie apocalypse or living post the nuclear war?
  4. Would you love to become a villain or a hero in a horror movie?
  5. Will you love to have a pet spider or a pet bat?
  6. Making your Halloween costume or buying a store costume – choose one!
  7. Would you put your feet in a drum loaded with snakes or a dum loaded with spiders?
  8. What would you prefer – candy corn rain or raining sneakers?
  9. Would you prefer carving 40 small pumpkins or 20 large pumpkins?
  10. Which would you choose- flying the broom of the witch or drinking her brew?
  11. Would you love to become a vampire bat or a black cat?
  12. Would you like to grow your pumpkin or get one from the pumpkin patch?
  13. Given a chance, will you sleep inside a pumpkin or a coffin?
  14. Given a chance, will you sleep in haunted houses or coffins?
  15. Would you prefer going trick-or-treat with zombies or vampires?
  16. Which is worth a visit – the abandoned cemetery or the haunted house?
  17. Which one would you choose – eating a frog or eating fish eyeballs?
  18. Which one would you rather do – become a ghost and haunt a house or stay in a spooky, haunted house?
  19. Which costume would you wear – a princess or a minion?
  20. Would you prefer eating pumpkin spiced cake or drinking apple cider?

Expert advice: Harvard researchers suggest that the “environment of relationships” is good for children’s brain architecture, which helps to lay the foundation for academic performance, mental health, and general well-being. Building connections with children, through questions, can help to spark these positive signals to the brain.

This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

Funny questions for kids

  1. Would you prefer farting every day or burping every day for your entire life?
  2. Given a choice, would you prefer having shocking pink hair or a mullet?
  3. What do you prefer having as a pet – a chicken that talks or a chipmunk that talks?
  4. Which one would be your top choice – no more school or no more bath
  5. Would you prefer listening to the rhyme – Baby Shark or The Wheels on The Bus your whole life?
  6. If you had to ride an animal to school, which one would it be – a donkey or a unicorn?
  7. If you could turn into something else at night, what would it be – a goblin or a fairy?
  8. Which one sounds better to follow – going without soap or going with our toothpaste?
  9. If you were to reincarnate, what you prefer to be – a cockroach or a mosquito?
  10. Would you prefer to become a housefly or a wasp in your reincarnated life?
  11. Would you prefer walking on your hands or on all fours till death?
  12. Would you prefer a robot that does all your work or a flying magic carpet that can take you around the world?
  13. Would you prefer having a tail or an extra nose?
  14. If you could have a superpower, would you prefer being able to fly or being invisible?
  15. What do you prefer doing – dishes post-dinner or getting the table ready for dinner?
  16. Would you prefer barking or mooing if you had to make a sound after every sentence?
  17. If you had to live in a place, where would it be – North or South Pole?
  18. Would you finish a bottle of hot tabasco or a bottle of garlic mayonnaise?
  19. Who would you want to meet – a superhero or a cartoon character?
  20. Would you prefer to have a green nose or purple ears?
  21. Would you prefer having pet dragons or pet dinosaurs?
  22. Would you prefer constantly itching or constantly coughing?
  23. Who would prefer becoming – a famous musician or a famous actor/actress?
  24. Controlling the weather or controlling the animals – which one would you choose?
  25. Playing every single instrument or speaking every language possible- which one would you choose?
  26. Living without a mobile phone or living without television – choose one!
  27. Would you prefer living on a remote island or in the desert?
  28. Choose one – Eating whole limes or raw potatoes?
  29. Living under the ocean or high above in the sky – which one would be your choice?
  30. Horse tails or Butterfly wings – Which is your choice?
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

“Icebreaker” questions for kids

  1. Which is a fun activity you prefer participating in – Dumb Charades or Dodgeball?
  2. What do you like to play with – cars or kitchen sets?
  3. How would you like your family to be – a big or a small one?
  4. Is your brother younger than you or older than you?
  5. Who would you prefer – a brother or a sister?
  6. Where would you like playing with your friends – the beach or in the snow?
  7. Where would you like playing games – online or using the console?
  8. What kind of snacks do you prefer – chocolate or fruity?
  9. Which animal will you choose – a lion or a panda?
  10. Which of the two would you prefer to eat – a popsicle or an ice cream?
  11. Which color would you choose – purple or pink?
  12. Where would you prefer to exercise – at your home or would you go to a fitness gym?
  13. Do you prefer playing with costumes or with a lot of make-up?
  14. Do you have plenty of homework or less homework on a daily basis?
  15. What would be your choice – studying or doing household chores?
  16. What’s your pick – waffles with cream or pancakes with maple syrup?
  17. What would you prefer doing – staying back in school or going on field trips?
  18. What do you feel – is school easy or quite hard?
  19. What would you choose – a night party or a day party?
  20. Do you prefer going to bed late or waking up late?
  21. Do you prefer going to bed early or waking up early?
  22. What do you feel – people who are awake till late at night are fun or lazy?
  23. Walking or playing outdoors – make a choice!
  24. What would you prefer to watch – a musical or a funny movie?
  25. Would you prefer having many friends for a sleep over or only your close friends?
  26. Which classic is better – Star Trek or Star Wars?
  27. Whom do you prefer going to – the doctor or the dentist?
  28. Which one do you prefer – taking medicines or eating plenty of vegetables?
  29. What you prefer doing – riding bikes or walking?
  30. What would you prefer participating – a walk marathon or a running marathon?
  31. Would you prefer writing or painting?
  32. Would you prefer drawing pictures or writing a story?
  33. Would you prefer drawing or writing?
  34. Which one do you prefer – Saturdays or Fridays?
  35. Which day is better – Saturday or a Sunday?
  36. Which one would love to eat – a hamburger or a hotdog?
  37. Would you want people to be famous or not?
  38. Which is better – a movie or a book?
  39. Do you believe in fairies or ghosts?
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

Get to know you questions for kids

  1. What do you prefer playing with – action figures or dolls?
  2. Do you prefer dragons or dinosaurs?
  3. Which one would you choose – aliens or robots?
  4. Which game do you like playing – hopscotch or tag?
  5. Choose your favorite – jelly or peanut butter?
  6. Choose the best one – Nutella or Oreos?
  7. Which one would you love to eat – dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  8. Which chocolate do you love – white chocolate or milk chocolate?
  9. Pick your favorite – Skittles or M&Ms?
  10. Make a choice – cookies with milk or cake?
  11. Pick your favorite sport – basketball or soccer?
  12. What’s your favorite music – rock music or rap music?
  13. Pick your favorite music – Rap music or Pop Music?
  14. Choose your favorite music artist – One Direction or Justin Bieber?
  15. Choose your favorite music band – BTS or Black Pink?
  16. How do you have your breakfast – on-the-go or at home?
  17. What’s your pick – soda or a milkshake?
  18. What’s your favorite spot – the library or the playground?
  19. How do you prefer drinking water – from a cup or using a straw?
  20. Which one do you prefer using – a fork or chopsticks?
  21. Which is your preferred mode of transport – a bike or a car?
  22. What do you prefer watching on television – a game or a good show?
  23. What activity do you prefer – drawing or painting?
  24. What’s your choice – wearing costumes or having pillow fights?
  25. Pick your favorite activity on the beach – go crabbing or build sandcastles?
  26. Pick your fun activity with family – visiting the waterpark or playing under the sprinkler?
  27. Which activity would you prefer with your family – picnic or camping?
  28. Which activity would you prefer doing with your friends – camping or gaming?
  29. Do you prefer reading good story books or listening to someone tell you stories?
  30. Which game is more fun to play – hide-and-seek or tag?
  31. Would you rather go to an amusement park or the state fair?
  32. Would you rather eat chicken nuggets or french fries?
  33. Pet snake or a pet dog, which one?
  34. Snow skiing or snowmobile riding?
  35. Spicy food or mild food?
  36. Eat food hot or eat food cold?
  37. Would you rather drink sour milk or eat a raw potato?
  38. Would you rather eat ice cream for the rest of your life or pizza?
  39. Hot air balloon ride or sky diving?
  40. Eat rotten eggs or eat dog food?
  41. Art class or gym class?
  42. Pet dragon or pet unicorn?
  43. Eat pizza every day or eat burgers every day?
  44. Onion-flavored ice cream or dirt flavored?
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid
This or that question for a kid

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