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This or That Questions

This or that questions are prompts designed to get people to choose between two options. The topics can be funny, but they can also be difficult. These types of questions are usually meant to help adults break the ice, or serve as a quick and fun game for friends. In this article, let’s take a look at different types of this or that questions you can ask the next time you play a game. 

This or that questions
This or that questions

My experience asking these questions…

I wouldn’t say that growing up, I had the most friends… I wasn’t shy, exactly… I just didn’t know how to connect with others in a way that was going to develop a relationship. Something that would last longer than just a short conversation. I wanted friends… pretty badly…

“This or that” became a fun game to build relationships. Here are my best tips for using them!

  • Remember a few that you like – Keep a couple of your favorite questions in mind. Try to remember a few for when the moment strikes you.
  • Don’t forget these as a tool – Whenever there’s a dull moment, whether you’re with a spouse or family… pull out a few of these questions.
  • Don’t take it too seriously – Especially when it comes to spouses or those you might be romantically interested in. This isn’t a time to start digging! Have fun, make it silly, and don’t take it all too seriously.

Best questions


  • Superhuman strength or the ability to fly?
  • Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn?
  • Would you rather have the power to read people’s thoughts or the power to control people’s thoughts?
  • Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or be able to teleport anywhere in the world?
  • Time machine or a flying car?
  • What’s better: a big house or a small apartment?
  • A new car or a used car?
  • What’s better: a trip to the beach or a trip to the mountains?
  • What’s better: a night out on the town or a quiet night at home?
  • What’s better: an expensive meal at a restaurant or a home-cooked meal?
  • What’s better: going out for ice cream or making your own ice cream at home?
  • What’s better: staying up late or getting up early?
  • What’s better: sleeping in or going for a run in the morning?
  • What’s better: having a lot of friends or having a few close friends?
  • What’s better: spending money or saving money?
  • Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?
  • Superhuman strength or the ability to read people’s thoughts?
  • Would you rather have a time machine or a teleportation device?
  • Would you rather live in the past or the future?
  • Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn?
  • Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or be able to play any musical instrument perfectly?
  • Win the lottery or find true love?
  • Unlimited wealth or unlimited power?
This or that questions
This or that questions

Fun questions

Just generally good and fun questions to ask!

  • Would you rather have superhuman strength or the ability to read people’s thoughts?
  • Personal chef or a personal shopper?
  • Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or be able to play any musical instrument?
  • Would you rather have a private jet or a yacht?
  • Would you rather have a pool or a hot tub?
  • Would you rather live in a mansion or a castle?
  • Butler or a maid?
  • Time travel or teleport?
  • Would you rather play video games or board games?
  • Would you rather watch a movie at home or go out to a movie theater?
  • Would you rather have an unlimited supply of money or an unlimited supply of time?
  • Would you rather be able to travel anywhere in the world or have any one wish granted?
  • Would you rather read a book or watch TV for an entire day?
  • Bungee jumping or skydiving?
  • Would you rather eat Italian food or Mexican food?
  • Would you rather live in the city or in the country?
  • Would you rather visit a museum or an amusement park?
  • Would you rather cook dinner for your friends or go out to dinner with them?
  • Would you rather have a pet dog or cat?
  • Would you rather play sports or play video games?
  • Would you rather spend time outdoors or indoors?
  • Would you rather get up early or sleep in late?
  • Would you rather go camping or stay at a hotel?
  • Would you rather watch a live concert or listen to music in your room?
  • Would you rather write a book or paint a picture?
  • Would you rather go for a hike or take a stroll down the beach?
  • Would you rather have dinner with someone famous or have dinner with your family?
  • Would you rather be spontaneous or plan ahead?
  • Would you rather dance all night or watch a movie marathon?
  • Would you rather go on a road trip or take a cruise?
  • Would you rather read a newspaper or browse the internet for news?
  • Would you rather listen to music or play an instrument? 
  • Would you rather go shopping or take a walk in the park?
  • Would you rather play a team sport or an individual sport?
  • Would you rather watch stand-up comedy or listen to a podcast? 
  • Would you rather play board games with friends or do puzzles alone?

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This or that questions
This or that questions

Funny questions

One’s that will make you laugh!

  • Bad haircut or bad dye job?
  • The ugly Christmas sweater you were forced to wear or the itchy wool socks?
  • Ketchup with everything or mustard with nothing?
  • Rocking a fanny pack or sporting velcro shoes?
  • A day at the spa or an afternoon of shopping?
  • Watching a movie marathon or playing video games all night?
  • Getting drenched in the rain or falling in a mud puddle?
  • Wearing bright neon colors or mismatched stripes and plaids?
  • Having to listen to your least favorite song on repeat or having to tell your funniest joke over and over again? 
  • Living in the middle of nowhere or living in the hustle and bustle of a big city?
  • Falling asleep in class or snoring during a presentation?
  • Going to the dentist or getting a root canal?
  • Receiving an outfit chosen by your mom or wearing the same thing every day for a month?
  • Seeing a romantic comedy with your parents or watching an action movie with your friends?
  • Doing dishes all night or vacuuming until sunrise?
  • Eating soup with a fork or drinking soda through a straw?
  • Cleaning your room or organizing the garage?
  • Making a paper airplane or folding origami?
  • Walking around with mismatched shoes or having toilet paper stuck to your shoe in public?
  • Mistaking pepper for sugar or salt for flour?
  • Sitting in traffic for hours or waiting in line for days?
  • Having to sing karaoke or dance in front of a large crowd?
  • Chasing after a butterfly or trying to catch a falling leaf?
  • Writing the alphabet backward or counting from 100 backwards?
  • Doing your homework or helping clean up the classroom?
  • Learning how to juggle or ride a unicycle?
  • Explaining why you are late or asking for an extension on a project?
  • Taking a cold shower or jumping into a freezing lake?
  • Getting caught in the rain without an umbrella or having to wear your clothes inside out?
  • Creating an art masterpiece or inventing something totally new?
  • Telling the truth even if it hurts someone’s feelings or lying to keep someone else from getting hurt?
This or that questions
This or that questions

Christmas questions

Perfect for Christmas!

  • Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus
  • Rudolph or Frosty?
  • Naughty or nice?
  • Eggnog or hot cocoa?
  • Gingerbread house or snowman?
  • Christmas tree or wreath?
  • Mistletoe or ornament?
  • Candy cane or Christmas cookie? 
  • Caroling or gift wrapping? 
  • Fleece blankets or plush stockings?
  • Reindeer or elves?
  • Christmas movie or Christmas music?
  • Caroling or ice skating?
  • Pinecones or snowflakes?
  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows or hot apple cider?
  • Present opening or Christmas dinner?
  • Snowball fight or sledding?
  • Christmas lights display or nativity scene?
  • Christmas cards or Christmas letters?
  • Christmas morning or Christmas eve?
  • Sleigh ride or train ride?
  • Angel decorations or snowman décor?
  • Snowball fight or sledding?jingle bells or silent night?
  • Santa’s workshop or north pole?
  • Merry Christmas or happy holidays?
  • Fir tree or pine tree?
  • Ornament decorations or garland?
  • Toy soldiers or nutcrackers?
  • Christmas eve church service or Christmas day brunch?
  • Christmas vacation or new year’s party?
  • Reindeer games or elf on a shelf?
  • Snowman building contest or a gingerbread house competition?

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This or that questions
This or that questions

Questions for kids

This or that for kiddos!

  • Cats or dogs?
  • Disney or Nickelodeon?
  • Reading books or playing video games?
  • Ice cream or cake?
  • Camping or the beach? 
  • Apple juice or orange juice?
  • Frisbee or baseball? 
  • Swimming pool or lake?
  • Pancakes or waffles? 
  • Watching a movie at home or going to the theater? 
  • Skateboarding or rollerblading?
  • Basketball or soccer?
  • Jumping on a trampoline or riding a bike?
  • Chess or checkers?
  • Making art or playing music?
  • Dancing or singing?
  • Climbing trees or playing hide and seek?
  • Gardening or going for a nature walk?
  • Cooking dinner with mom or going to a restaurant?
  • Exploring a museum or playing hide and seek?
  • Bowling or mini golf?
  • Making your own jewelry or making greeting cards?
  • Collecting rocks or collecting coins?
  • Going on a hike or having a picnic in the park?
  • Playing video games with friends or playing board games with family?
  • Building sandcastles or building snowmen?
  • Storytelling or making up your own jokes?
  • Building a fort or playing tag?
  • Playing freeze dance or playing Simon says?
  • Making a scrapbook or building a model car?
  • Painting pictures or writing stories?
  • Visiting the zoo or visiting an aquarium?
  • Going to the library or going to the playground?
  • Going on a bike ride or going swimming?
  • Making a birdhouse or flying a kite?
  • Playing tag or playing hopscotch?
  • Going to the park or going to an amusement park?
  • Making ice cream sundaes or baking cookies?
  • Creating a photo album or making friendship bracelets?
  • Making silly faces in the mirror or making funny noises with your friends?
  • Building a blanket fort or drawing with sidewalk chalk?
  • Making smoothies or decorating cupcakes?
  • Juggling or riding a scooter?
This or that questions
This or that questions

Halloween questions

Perfect for the Halloween holiday!

  • Pumpkin patch or corn maze?
  • Bonfire or hayride? 
  • Costume contest or trick-or-treating? 
  • Scary movies or spooky stories? 
  • Haunted house or haunted trail? 
  • Candy apples or caramel apples? 
  • Bobbing for apples or carving pumpkins? 
  • Ghost tour or ghost hunt? 
  • Jack-o-lanterns or creepy decorations?
  •  Zombie walk or costume parade? 
  • Gooey marshmallows or crunchy popcorn balls?
  • Trick-or-treating at night or during the day? 
  • Horror movie marathon or Halloween party? 
  • Haunted hayride or corn maze? 
  • Apple bobbing or pin the tail on the black cat? 
  • Cider and donuts or hot chocolate and cookies? 
  • Trick-or-treating alone or with friends? 
  • Haunted graveyard tour or ghost tour of an old house? 
  • Face painting or pumpkin carving? 
  • Witch’s brew punch or cauldron cake?
  •  Scary stories around a campfire or costume ball? 
  • Costume party or trick-or-treat down Main Street?
This or that questions
This or that questions

Thanksgiving questions

For the Thanksgiving holiday!

  • Turkey or mashed potatoes?
  • Pie or cake?
  • Stuffing or cranberry sauce? 
  • Football or movies? 
  • Apple cider or hot cocoa? 
  • Pecan pie or pumpkin pie? 
  • Friends and family or alone time? 
  • Going out to dinner or home-cooked meals? 
  • Cornucopia or wreath? 
  • Giving thanks or reflecting? 
  • Long weekend or short holiday? 
  • Thanksgiving Day Parade or movie marathon? 
  • Fireplace or bonfire? 
  • Traveling or staycation? 
  • Board games or video games? 
  • Hot apple cider donuts or pumpkin muffins? 
  • Pie eating contest or turkey trot race? 
  • Sleigh ride or hayride? 
  • Reuniting with distant family or gathering with close friends?
  • Thanksgiving morning football game or parade watching? 
  • Grandma’s stuffing or Mom’s mashed potatoes? 
  • Roasted turkey or deep-fried turkey? 
  • Pumpkin patch or Christmas tree farm? 
  • Breakfast buffet or brunch spread?
This or that questions
This or that questions

Couples questions

This or that questions for couples.

  • Candle lit dinner or dancing?
  • Romantic getaway or staycation? 
  • Movie night or game night? 
  • Sports event or live music gig? 
  • Beach holiday or city break? 
  • Long drive or bike ride? 
  • Breakfast in bed or dinner on the rooftop? 
  • Picnic in a park or shopping spree? 
  • Hiking in the mountains or walking along the beach? 
  • Home-cooked meal or fine dining experience? 
  • Cuddling at home or stargazing? 
  • Going to a museum or hiking in nature? 
  • Visiting an amusement park or attending a music festival? 
  • Reading books together or playing board games? 
  • Watching sunsets together or going on night walks? 
  • Spending time with friends or having a romantic dinner? 
  • Planning a surprise for each other or going on an adventure together?
  • Dancing in the rain or cuddling up indoors? 
  • Going on a road trip or exploring a new city? 
  • Watching the sunrise or watching the sunset? 
  • Taking pictures together or making home videos? 
  • Binge-watching TV series together or playing video games? 
  • Giving each other massages or having a spa day? 
  • Taking a long walk together or going for a swim? 
  • Going to the theater or watching movies at home? 
  • Making dinner together or baking cookies? 
  • Writing each other love letters or making scrapbooks? 
  • Exploring new places or trying out different activities? 
  • Watching romantic comedies together or action-packed thrillers?

Questions for school

For your high school musical days.

  • Snowboarding or wakeboarding?
  • Skateboarding or rollerblading?
  • Summer camp or winter camp?
  • Study groups or study alone?
  • Computer science class or robotics class?
  • Book club or movie club?
  • School newspaper or school radio station?
  • Chess club or game club?
  • Debate team or mock trial team?
  • Archery team or golf team?
  • Science fair or art show?
  • Math competition or spelling bee?
  • Writing club or photography club?
  • School musical or school play?
  • Volleyball team or basketball team?
  • Band class or choir class?
  • Student council or student-run newspaper? 
  • Gardening club or computer programming club? 
  • Cooking club or robotics club? 
  • Chess club or debate team? 
  • Mathletes or Science Olympiad? 
  • Drama class or music class? 
  • Model UN or student council? 
  • Creative writing class or journalism class? 
  • Quiz Bowl or Knowledge Bowl? 
  • Yearbook staff or newspaper staff? 
  • Gymnastics team or track and field team? 
  • Chess tournament or math competition? 
  • Robotics camp or summer science camp? 
  • Science fair or art show? 
  • Bowling club or chess club? 
  • Robotics competition or science fair? 
  • Music festival or film festival?

Food questions

Who doesn’t love food? Ask if you dare!

  • Hamburger or pizza? 
  • Fries or onion rings?
  • Chinese or Mexican food?
  • Ice cream or cake?
  • Apples or oranges?
  • Steak or salmon?
  • Soup or salad?
  • Bacon or sausage?
  • Pasta or rice?
  • Hot dog or burrito?
  • Fish and chips or fish tacos?
  • Pancakes or waffles?
  • Mashed potatoes or mac and cheese?
  • Kebab or burrito bowl?
  • Cheeseburger or veggie burger?
  • Cereal or oatmeal?
  • Popcorn or pretzels?
  • Burger and fries or chicken wings?
  • Fried chicken or roasted chicken?
  • Banana or strawberry?
  • Hash browns or french toast?
  • Smoothie or milkshake?
  • Spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna?
  • Chocolate chip cookies or Snickerdoodle cookies?
  • Cheesecake or apple pie?
  • Tacos or burritos?
  • Muffin or bagel?
  • Hot chocolate or coffee?
  • BBQ ribs or pulled pork?
  • Gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies?
  • Roasted veggies or mashed potatoes?
  • Fruit salad or fruit smoothie?
  • Grilled cheese or quesadilla?
  • Fish and chips or fish sandwich?
  • Yogurt or ice cream sundae?
  • Fried shrimp or grilled shrimp?
  • Cobb salad or Caesar salad?
  • Cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza?
  • Tuna sandwich or grilled cheese sandwich?
  • Fried rice or lo mein?
  • Soft serve ice cream or gelato?
  • Chocolate cake or vanilla cake?
  • Hamburger soup or egg drop soup?
  • Apple cobbler or peach cobbler?
  • Buttered noodles or buttered rice?
  • Roast beef sandwich or ham sandwich?
  • Fruit ice cream or yogurt parfait?

Icebreaker this or that questions

To help start a conversation!

  • Photos or videos?
  • Camping or hiking?
  • Cats or dogs? 
  • Books or movies?
  • Comedy or drama? 
  • Summer or winter? 
  • Paper or plastic?
  • Early bird or night owl? 
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?  
  • Game of Thrones or Stranger Things? 
  • Netflix and chill or going out on the town? 
  • Apple or Android?  
  • Work out at home or go to the gym
  • Beach or poolside? 
  • Football or baseball? 
  • Burgers or hot dogs? 
  • Hot tea or iced tea? 
  • Beer or wine? 
  • Comedies or horror movies? 
  • Fish tacos or burritos? 
  • Golfing or bowling? 
  • Chocolate cake or vanilla cake?
  • Home-cooked meals or takeout? 
  • Online shopping or in-store shopping? 
  • Biking or skateboarding?  
  • Yoga or Pilates? 
  • Hiking in the mountains or beach walks? 
  • Reading a book or listening to music? 
  • Quiet night in or wild night out? 
  • Singing or dancing? 
  • Painting or drawing? 
  • Puzzles or board games? 
  • Swimming or biking? 
  • Card games or video games? 
  • Hot dogs or hamburgers?  
  • Going to the theater or watching movies at home? 
  • Adventure trips or city breaks? 
  • Playing an instrument or singing karaoke? 
  • Shopping for clothes or shoes? 
  • Writing poetry or writing stories? 
  • Coffee or tea?  
  • Water sports or winter sports? 
  • Cooking a meal from scratch or ordering takeout food? 
  • Road trips or flying? 
  • Watching a live concert or watching TV shows? 
  • Flying a kite or going fishing? 
  • Rollerblading or roller skating? 
  • Chatting with friends over coffee or having a movie night? 
  • Writing in a journal or blogging online? 
  • Planting flowers in the garden or taking nature walks? 
  • Attending workshops and seminars or reading self-help books?
  • Kitesurfing or windsurfing? 
  • Exploring a new city on foot or taking public transportation? 

Valentine’s Day questions

For the love of your life!

  • Give out roses or carnations?
  • Watch a romantic comedy or a drama?
  • Write a love letter or post on social media? 
  • Go out for dinner or stay in and cook?
  • Give chocolates or jewelry?
  • Go ice skating or sledding?
  • Take a bubble bath or soak in the tub together?
  • Write a love poem or sing a love song?
  • Go bowling or go to the movies?
  • Host a party or have an intimate gathering with friends?
  • Make breakfast in bed or make dinner together?
  • Dine out or order in?Go to a spa or stay home and relax?
  • Take a dance class or go for a walk?
  • Buy something new or re-gift something meaningful?
  • Play board games or cards against humanity?
  • Light candles or turn off the lights and watch the stars outside?
  • Go out for drinks or make cocktails at home?
  • Go for a drive or watch the sunset together?
  • Give gifts or spend quality time together?
  • Go to a concert or stay at home and listen to music?
  • Take pictures or get lost in conversation?
  • Build a fort at home or go camping outdoors?
  • Create a special playlist or write each other love letters?
  • Love fiercely or commit with caution?
  • Be kind or be honest? 
  • Show affection or act aloof? 
  • Give compliments or go with silence? 
  • Play hard to get or show true emotions? 
  • Kiss in public or keep it private? 
  • Open up or remain mysterious? 
  • Give more or take more? 
  • Show your feelings or hide them away? 
  • Let go or hold onto the past?
  •  Speak up or stay silent? 
  • Love yourself first of all or love someone else? 
  • Spend time together or spend time apart? 
  • Appreciate each other or find flaws in one another? 
  • Show your appreciation or keep it to yourself? 
  • Follow your heart or go with logic? 
  • Say “I love you” first or wait for the other person?

One’s that’ll start a fight (not really)—questions for friends

Some really good ones that might start a fight!

  • Iced coffee or frappuccino?
  • Ice cream sandwich or regular ice cream?
  • Dream job or be your own boss?
  • Multi-player video game or single-player?
  • Shopping online or shopping in person?
  • Long hair or short hair?
  • Math class or science class?
  • Bar soap or pump soap?
  • Public or private proposal to your future wife?
  • Chicken nuggets or a Big Mac?
  • Being the smartest person or the funniest person?

Pro tip: According to recent studies, getting to know someone can be somewhat difficult! Getting to know someone’s identity can take a significant amount of time. Have patience! Enjoy the ride!

Hard questions

These are super hard to answer!

  • Money or love?
  • Success or happiness?
  • Truth or dare? 
  • Adventure or comfort? 
  • Knowledge or wisdom? 
  • Freedom or security? 
  • Patience or action? 
  • Now or later? 
  • Dreams or goals? 
  • Happiness of peace? 
  • Stay in the past, present, or future?  
  • Faith or evidence?  
  • Courage or strength?  
  • Individuality or conformity? 
  • Risk or reward? 
  • Quality of quantity? 
  • Rock music or rap music?
  • Private life or public life? 
  • Work hard, play hard or rest hard? 
  • Follow your heart or mind? 
  • Books or movies? 
  • Solitude or company? 
  • Amusement park or beach day? 
  • Sunrise or sunset?
  • Ice or hot coffee?
  • Shopping in-store or online?
  • Computer games or board games?
  • Wonder woman or super man?
  • Scary movie or love movie?
  • French fries or pizza?
  • Loyal friend or rich friend?
  • Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  • Carpet or hardwood floors?
  • Mobile games or console games?
  • Funny movie or drama movie?
  • Food truck or restaurant?
  • Pop music or country music?
  • Iced or hot coffee on a hot day?
  • History museum or theme park?
  • Rock music or rap music?
  • Long or short hair?
  • City life of country life? 
  • Freedom of control?  
  • Artificial intelligence or human intelligence?  
  • Materialism or spirituality? 
  • Reality or fantasy? 
  • Ocean or mountains? 
  • Charity or justice? 
  • Intuition or logic? 
  • Etiquette or politeness? 
  • Nature or nurture? 
  • Theory or practice? 
  • Imagination or memory? 
  • Technology of nature? 
  • Tradition or progress? 
  • Conversation of silence? 
  • Ideas or execution? 
  • Risk or reward?  
  • Art of science? 
  • Music of books? 
  • Hope or faith?  
  • Love or loyalty?  
  • Adventure of comfort?  
  • Passion or commitment?  
  • Possibilities or probabilities?  
  • Intensity or consistency?  
  • Realism or optimism?   
  • Learning or teaching ? 
  • Open-mindedness or skepticism? 
  • Idealist or pragmatist?

This or that for work

This or that questions for work!

  • Leave work early or start work late?
  • Work alone or with a team?
  • Talk to colleagues during work hours or keep it professional? 
  • Work remotely or in the office? 
  • Set small achievable goals or big long-term goals? 
  • Handle tasks one at a time or multitask? 
  • Take on extra projects as needed or stick to assigned tasks? 
  • Choose tasks or create your own? 
  • Meet with colleagues online or in person? 
  • Be creative or stick to the plan? 
  • Work on one big project at a time or multiple projects simultaneously? 
  • Work independently or be part of a team? 
  • Test out different solutions or follow established processes? 
  • Take the initiative and proactively come up with ideas, or await instructions from the boss?  
  • Focus on quality or quantity? 
  • Take a break and relax, or stay focused and productive? 
  • Receive feedback face-to-face or through email? 
  • Give up control of a project or hold onto it until completion? 
  • Be a leader or follower? 
  • Take risks and push boundaries, or play it safe?
  • Tackle problems head-on or look for the simplest solution? 
  • Prioritize client requests or project deadlines? 
  • Come up with new ideas or stick to tried and tested methods? 
  • Delegate tasks or do everything yourself? 
  • Stick with one job role or try something different? 
  • Work smarter not harder, or work hard to get ahead?  
  • Take time off or work through a holiday? 
  • Choose flexible hours or pre-determined hours? 
  • Be organized or fly by the seat of your pants? 
  • Brainstorm new ideas or implement existing solutions? 
  • Discuss problems openly, or keep them to yourself?  
  • Go with the flow, or set your own schedule and timelines?

“This or That” Questions (images to share)

This or that questions
This or that questions
Questions to ask that will get to know someone
This or that questions
Ask this one only if you dare!
This or that questions
Ask this one only if you dare!
This or that questions
Ask this one only if you dare!
This or that questions
Ask this one only if you dare!
This or that questions

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