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Topics to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

I got an email the other day asking, “Hey Ryan, what are some topics to talk about with my girlfriend? What are some things that I should ask her if I’m feeling like I don’t know what to talk about!” Great question, I said!

You’ve probably heard this before, but communication really is key when it comes to relationships.

Talking to your partner doesn’t only bring you two closer mentally and even physically, but it can reveal aspects of both of your personalities that you don’t necessarily acknowledge right now.

Couples who spend more time together interacting experience greater satisfaction and perceive more positive qualities in their relationships.

The problem is, you may not always be able to come up with topics to talk about.

Whether you’ve run out of discussion starters or you have trouble expressing yourself, you’re not the only one who’s looking up “things to talk about with my girlfriend.”

Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered!

This article offers a list of 100 interesting topics you can use to get the conversation flowing, be it face-to-face, over text, phone, or FaceTime.

1. Favorite Childhood Memory

Getting your girlfriend to reminisce about the good old times won’t only help her open up to you more and put greater trust in you, but it can even help her de-stress and lead a healthier life.

2. Most Embarrassing Childhood Memory

Not only can spark a long conversation about childhood mischiefs, but it can also get a few laughs into your chat.

This will strengthen your relationship as well as help your girlfriend feel more comfortable sharing emotions, opinions, and views with you.

3. Childhood Best Friend

Aside from their name, ask about things like: how did she meet her childhood best friend? Is her current best friend also her childhood best friend? If not, do they still keep in touch or have they drifted apart? why?

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4. Favorite Childhood Game or Toy

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Fun stuff!

Most people had a favorite game, videogame, or toy growing up, and it’s usually loaded with fun memories and stories.

Bring that up to your girlfriend, talk about your own, and ask her about hers. Did she play it alone? Did someone teach her or join her?

5. Favorite Childhood Sport

Ask your girlfriend about her favorite sport to play or watch as a kid. Did she participate in competitions? Did she ever get injured? What team did she cheer for?

6. Least Favorite Childhood Sport

Similarly, your girlfriend may have found a particular sport boring or too hectic growing up. Did she have to do that sport in school? And did her parents make her do it so she stays active? Did the family watch it regularly while she wanted the TV for herself?

7. Favorite Subject in School

What subject did she like most in elementary, middle, or high school? Was the teacher nice? Did she find the subject interesting or easy? Did someone help her with homework?

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8. Least Favorite Subject in School

Everyone has at least one subject that they hated during elementary, middle, high school, and college.

Ask your girlfriend about hers and talk about yours. How were the teachers? Was the homework difficult? How were the test scores?

9. Favorite Food As a Kid

Was it a certain candy bar? Was it something grandma or mom used to cook? How often did she eat it? Does she still like it? Any relevant stories?

Don’t forget to answer these questions yourself too!

10. Least Favorite Food As a Kid

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Easy stuff!

Who didn’t hate a particular veggie or fruit growing up? Exactly, no one.

Ask your girl about the food she didn’t like. What was the problem? Did she still have to eat it? Does she still hate it?

11. Favorite Food Now

Now that’s a topic you can go on and on about.

What’s your partner’s current favorite food, candy, drink, snack, chocolate, and so on? What’s yours?

Do you share the same taste? Do you like something crunchy while she likes it creamy?

Dark or white chocolate? Ketchup or mayo? Sweet or sour jelly beans?

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12. Least Favorite Food Now

Similarly, talk about your current least favorite foods. Does she like yours or you hers? Does she still have to eat it for some reason? Would any of you eat it for a dare? What would it take?

13. Favorite Sport Now

Does your girlfriend like any sports? What team does she root for? Does she do a particular sport? Does she enjoy it? Can you do it together? Can she teach you? Is she interested in your favorite sport? Would she like you to teach her some pointers?

14. Least Favorite Sport Now

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Silly stuff!

Does your girlfriend dislike a certain sport right now? Is it one that you talk about too much? Is it tricky to follow? Does she do it but doesn’t enjoy it? Is there any way you can help?

15. Favorite Game Right Now

In this day and age, there’s practically no chance your girlfriend doesn’t play a game on her phone, PC, or console. What’s her current favorite game? What does she like about it? How often does she play? Can you recommend similar games that she’d enjoy?

16. Least Favorite Game Right Now

Building on the previous topic, what game does your partner dislike right now? Did she try it and got disappointed? Did she not like the genre? Was it too boring or hard? Is it a game that distracts you from spending time with her?

17. Relationship with Siblings

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Deep stuff!

If your girlfriend has siblings, get her to talk about them. Did they get along as children? Do they get along now? Are they close? Did they get into trouble together? Do they share interests/hobbies? What are some of their favorite memories with them?

If your girlfriend doesn’t have siblings, ask her whether she ever wished she had one. Would she like a sister or a brother? Are there any friends she’s close to as a sibling?

18. Relationship with Friends

Who are her current friends? How often does she see them? How did she meet them? Are there any issues bothering her about any of them? Does she think she has enough friends or does she want more/less?

19. Current Job/Relationship with Colleagues

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Interesting stuff!

Talking about stress sources is a critical form of support that helps maintain a healthy mental state.

How does she feel about her current job? Does she get along with all her colleagues? What is the hardest part of the job? Does she work too long hours? Are there any problems at work?

20. First Job

What was her first job? When did she first get a job? Was there a particular reason? Did she like it? What was the pay like? What would she change about the experience?

21. First Crush

Who was her first crush? How old was she? And how old was her crush? How did she know them? Did she see them often? And did anyone else know about her crush? Did she ever confess?

22. First Purchase

What was the first thing she ever bought with her own money? How long did she save up for? Was it worth it? Would she make it her first purchase again? If not, what would she choose now?

23. First Movie

What’s the first movie she remembers watching? And did she like it? Who was she watching with? What was the first movie she watched in a movie theater? Who did she go with? Was it good?

24. First Flight

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Juicy stuff!

When was her first plane ride? Was she scared? Where did she go? Who was with her? How long was the flight? Did she buy something on the plane? Did she read or watch a movie on board?

25. First Trip

When was the first trip she remembers going on? Where did she go? Did she enjoy it? What was the company like? Would she go again now? Would she choose the same place as her first trip if she could go back in time?

26. First Gift

What’s the first gift she ever bought? Who was it for? Did they like it? What’s the first present she ever received on her birthday or a holiday? Who was it from? Did she like it? Did she ever exchange a gift?

27. First Social Media Post

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Super easy stuff!

What was her first Facebook post? And what was her first tweet? What was the first picture she posted on Instagram? When did these happen? Does she wish she could change any of them?

28. First Daily App

What’s the first app she checks when she wakes up? Why does she like to open it? Was it always the first app she checked? Could she go a full day without checking it?

29. First Detention

Did she ever get detention in school? Why did she get her first detention? How long did she have to stay behind? What did she do meanwhile? Did her parents find out about it? If not, how did she cover it up? If yes, what was their reaction?

30. First Time Putting On/Buying Make-up

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Cute stuff!

When was the first time she ever put on make-up? What was the first make-up item she tried? Did someone help her? Did she like the experience?  What was the first make-up item she owned? What was the first make-up item she bought?

31. First Car

What was the first car she drove? Whose car was it? What was the first car she owned? Who bought it? How long did she own it? Who taught her to drive? How long did she take to learn?

32. First Cell Phone

What was her first cell phone model? When did she get it? Who got it for her? Did she like it? And did she hold on to it until now? Did it break? Did she lose it? How did she style it back then?

33. First Celebrity Crush

Who was her first celebrity crush? What was her favorite work of theirs? What was the first work of theirs she experienced? Did she have posters of them? Did any of her friends share the same crush? Does she still follow them?

34. First Ever Date

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: First date questions!

When was the first time she went on a date? Who was her first date? Where did they go? What activities did they do? Did she have a curfew? Did she have a good time or was it awkward?

35. First Breakup/Heartbreak

What was her first breakup like? When did it happen? Was she heartbroken? Was it mutual? Who broke up with who? What was the reason? How did she cope? How long was it until she moved on?

36. First Train Ride

When was the first time she took a train? What was the destination? How long was the ride? What was the train like? Who did she ride with? Did she enjoy it? Did she fall asleep? How did she pass the time?

37. First Time on a Ship/Boat

When was the first time she got on a ship or boat? How long did she stay on? Was she cruising or traveling? Where was she going? Did she get seasick? Who was she with? Did she have a good time?

38. First Book As a Teenager/Young Adult

What was the first book she read as a teenager or a young adult? How did she find out about it? How long did it take to finish? Did she like it? Did it affect her views or personality? Would she recommend you read it?

39. Favorite Book

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Reader’s choice! (Get it!)

What’s her all-time favorite book? When was the first time she read it? How long did it take to finish? Would she recommend you read it?

Suggest that she reads it again from time to time, it’ll help improve her well-being!

40. First Party

What was the first party she ever went to? How old was she? Where did it happen? Did she go out with friends or on a date? Did she have fun? What was the theme? What activities did it involve? When/how did it end?

41. First Sleepover

How old was she when she had her first sleepover? Was it with friends or family? Whose house was it? How long did they stay up? What type of activities did they do? Did she sleep well? Did she wake up late?

42. Verbal Fights

Did she ever get into a heated argument? Does she try to avoid it? How many times did she engage in a verbal fight? Who was on the other end? What caused the fight(s)? Did she regret it? Did she make up with them afterward?

43. Physical Fights

—Topics to talk about with your girlfriend: Be careful with this one!

Did she ever get into a physical fight? How many times? Who did she fight? Who attacked first? Was it self-defense? What caused the fight(s)? Did she regret it? Did she make amends afterward?

44. Trouble/Dealing with Cops

Did she ever receive a noise complaint and the police had to come over? Did she ever get a speeding ticket (or any other reason)? And did she ever go to a party that the cops had to break up? Was she ever a witness?

45. Sneaking Out

Did she have a curfew growing up? Did she ever sneak out? How many times did she sneak out? Where did she go? Was she ever caught? Did someone cover up for her?

46. Illegal Fantasy

If she could rob a house, whose would it be? If she could kill one person, who would it be? Or if she could steal an item, what would it be? Would she speed on roads if it was legal? What one illegal activity would she legalize?

47. Superpower Fantasy

If she could have a superpower, what would it be? Why did she choose it? How would she use it in everyday life? Is it the same as her favorite superhero? Would she also like you to have a superpower? What would she choose for you?

48. Favorite Fantasy World

What’s the one fantasy world she wishes she could be a part of? What would her role be? What would she look like? How would you fit in her fantasy world? What would you look like and do?

49. Dream Job

Whether on chat or over the phone, ask your girl to describe her dream job. What industry is it? How long would her workday be? Would she work alone or with a team? Would it involve a lot of traveling?

50. Dream House

What does her dream house look like? How many rooms would it have? Would it have a garden or yard? What special features would it have? What country/place would it be?

Ask her to send you or show you pictures of designs or landscapes that she’d like to have.

51. Favorite Hot Drink

What’s her favorite hot drink? How often does she drink it? What would make it better? Who introduced her to it? Who usually makes it for her? Does she like it when you make it? Would she drink every day if she had to?

52. Photography Interest

Does she take a lot of pictures? Does she use a camera or a phone? What does she usually take photos of?  Can she show you some of her favorite pictures she’s taken? Does she have a favorite photographer? What’s her favorite work of theirs?

53. Hometown

Where did she grow up? What was it like? Did she enjoy being in her hometown? What was the best thing about it? What was the worst thing about it? Does she still go there?

54. Favorite Kid Show or Cartoon

What was her favorite cartoon or show as a kid? Did she watch all of its episodes? Who did she watch it with? When would she watch it? Who was her favorite character? Why did she prefer them?

55. Favorite Anime or Manga

Does she like watching anime or reading manga? What’s her all-time favorite anime or manga? What does she like about it? Is she currently watching or reading one? Would she like it if you joined her?

56. Aliens

Does she think that aliens exist? Is it intelligent alien life? How does she think they’d communicate with us? How different is their life from life on earth? Does she think they’ve ever visited or will visit our planet?

57. Current Best Friend

A crucial part of a happy life is good friends, so stay up to date on your girlfriend’s relationship with her best friend.

How did they meet? When did they meet? What are their favorite activities to do together? Do they see each other often? Do they argue a lot?

58. Climbing/Hiking

Does she enjoy climbing or hiking? When was the first time she went? How often does she go? What’s the most memorable climb or hike she went on? Would she like it if you joined her the next time?

59. The Beach

Does she like going to the beach? What’s her favorite memory involving a beach? Was she even stung? How often would she like to go? What’s her favorite activity to do there?

60. Family Gatherings

Does she like going to family gatherings? How often does she go to them? Does she wish she could go more/less? What’s her favorite part about them?

61. Family Traditions

What are some of her family’s traditions? How did they become traditions? What’s her favorite one? Why? What’s her least favorite one? Why?

62. Family Relationships

What’s her relationship with her aunts/uncles/grandparents/cousins like? Who’s her favorite uncle/aunt? What’s her favorite memory of any of her grandparents? Who’s her favorite cousin? Did they get in trouble together?

63. Relationship with Father

Is she close to her dad? How was their relationship growing up? How’s it now? What’s her favorite/least favorite memory of him?

64. Relationship with Mother

Is she close to her mom? How was their relationship growing up? How’s it now? What’s her favorite/least favorite memory of her?

Talking about this can give you insight into her feelings, well-being, and how she perceives intimacy.

65. Holidays

What was her favorite holiday as a kid? What about now? If she could create a holiday, what would it be?

66. First Cooking Experience

When was the first time she ever cooked? Did someone help her? What did she make? How did it taste?

67. Cooking Now

Does she cook now? Does she enjoy it? What’s her favorite meal to cook? What does she cook best? What does she cook worst? Who’s the best cook she knows?

68. Hidden Talents

Does she have a hidden talent? When did she discover it? Can she show you (in person or via FaceTime)?

69. Habits

What does she think is her best/worst habit? Is there a good habit she wants to start? Or is there a bad habit she wants to break? Is there a habit she can’t break?

70. Change

Does she think change is good or bad? How much change is healthy or unhealthy? Is our world changing too fast? What changes would she like to see? What’s the biggest change she experienced?

71. Communication Status

Ask your girl whether or not she feels you two spend enough time talking.

We can often get lost in the hustle of everyday life and work, and forget to take the time to actually converse with and listen to our partner.

72. Her Opinion of Her Personality

What does she like most about her personality? And what trait does she think is her worst? What trait would she like to acquire?

73. Your Traits

What does she like best about your personality? And what does she think you should work on? What traits does she think are your strongest?

74. Languages

What’s her favorite language? Does she know other languages? What language does she wish she could learn? What does she think is the hardest language to learn?

75. Stress

Because embracing stress isn’t any less important than reducing it, get your girl talking about it. What stresses her most? And what stresses her daily? Or what stresses her, but she knows it shouldn’t?

76. Space

What does she think we’d find exploring space? What does she hope we’d find? If she could go anywhere in space, where would that be?

77. Animals

Does she like animals? What’s her favorite animal? If she could be an animal, which would she choose? Which animal scares her the most?

78. Outfits

What’s her outfit for the day (ask her to show you)? What type of outfits does she prefer? What style does she think suits you best? Ask her to pick out an outfit for you.

79. Pet Peeves

What sort of stuff gets on her nerves more than it should? What are small things she thinks are rude? What’s one thing that you/her friend/coworker do and it grinds her gears to no end?

80. Aging

What does she think about aging? What’s the ideal age to be? How old does she want to become? Does she think younger/older people are happier? Why?

81. Favorite Singer

Who’s her favorite singer? When did she first listen to their songs? What’s her favorite song of theirs? Did she ever attend their concert?

82. Favorite Musical Instrument

What musical instrument can she play? And what musical instrument does she wish she could learn? What musical instrument does she think sounds most beautiful?

83. Favorite Actor/Actress

Who’s her favorite actor/actress? What’s the first movie/show she saw them in? What’s her favorite work of theirs? Did she ever meet them?

84. Favorite Restaurant

What restaurant would she go to every day? How did she find out about it? What food item does she like best?

85. Pets

Did she ever have a pet? Would she like to have a pet? Is she a cat or a dog person? What’s the weirdest pet she ever saw someone own?

86. Free Time

What does she like to do in her free time? How much free time does she have? What activity does she wish she had more time for?

87. Body Image

What does she think about her body? Does she want to change anything? What’s her favorite physical feature about herself?

88. Future Plans

What does she think will be her job in 5 or 10 years? Where does she think she’ll be living? How does she think she’ll dress?

89. Shopping

Does she enjoy shopping? Does she like shopping alone or with someone? And does she like shopping for others? Does she prefer online shopping?

90. Album She Would Listen to on Repeat

What’s her favorite song? What’s one album she’d listen to every day on repeat? Does she know all the lyrics?

91. Role Model

Who does she consider a role model? How similar does she think she is to them? Why does she look up to them? What does she need to do to follow in their footsteps?

92. Favorite App

What’s her favorite app? Does she spend most of her time on it? Does she recommend you use it too?

93. Guilty Pleasure

What’s her guilty pleasure? How did she develop it? How does it affect her? Does she want to stop it?

94. Fantasy Throne

If she was a queen, what would her throne look like? What would her kingdom be like? How would she rule?

95. Unpopular Opinion

What are some of her unpopular opinions? Why does she have them? Does she agree that some of them are controversial?

96. Underrated vs Overrated

What movies/songs/sports/food does she think are underrated or overrated?

97. Funniest Story

What’s the funniest story can she tell? What’s the funniest thing that she witnessed?

98. Favorite Sitcom

Building up on that, what sitcom does she think is the funniest? Who’s her favorite comedian?

99. Body Swap

If she could swap bodies with any person, who would she choose? Why? What’s the first thing she would do?

100. Favorite Smell

What’s her favorite perfume? And what’s her favorite scent? What’s her favorite non-perfume smell? What smells remind her of certain places or people?

Final Thoughts

There you have it! A list of 100 interesting topics and conversation starters to help you out whenever you’re looking for “things to talk about with my girlfriend”.

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