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Unanswerable Questions

What are unanswerable questions that no one will ever be able to get!? As humans, we are quite inquisitive creatures – curious about the unknown. Adults or kids love to ask questions and challenge their minds.

Some questions can be answered, and some do not have answers!

Let’s look at some funny and deep questions that cannot be answered!

My experience asking some unanswerable questions…

I consider this kind of like asking questions around a game… For example, I’ll pull out a few of these questions at the dinner table. And see how they land.

Usually, I’ll get a few smiles and then laughs. And that’s what I hope happens for you!

The best questions—totally unanswerable questions!

  1. Can a person be allergic to even water?
  2. What is the point at which human life starts?
  3. Did human beings evolve from creatures like apes, or were they similar to how they are now?
  4. Did better civilizations exist years ago?
  5. When we get emotional, why do people cry?
  6. Can a person decide if they should love or not? Or does love happen automatically?
  7. How does it happen that a few couples begin resembling their spouses after years into the marriage?
  8. Is killing another animal for food really ethical? Do the vegetarian activists really have a good point here?
  9. How did the world begin? Day or Night?
  10. Do you feel that outstanding individuals really exist?
  11. Is it the right thing to kill someone/something to protect your family or yourself?
  12. Do you believe that spirits do exist?
  13. What visions will a blind person be able to see in his/her dreams?
  14. Are we humans still in evolution mode, or has it ended?
  15. When a person forgets, where do you think that information goes?
  16. Can anybody know the taste of a rainbow?
  17. Why can’t we count dogs to fall asleep? Why do we always count sheep when we cannot sleep?
  18. Why are the bubbles in a bubble bath always white when they rise, even when the bubble bath is pink or any other color?
  19. Why is it that a mattress is on sale all the time?

Funny questions—unanswerable questions that are funny!

  1. Are children acting in various movies that are R-rated permitted to watch their movie after its completion?
  2. Why do we always say that a person acts “in” a movie and appears “on” tv?
  3. If a turtle is without its shell, do we call it naked or homeless?
  4. On the license of a bald person, what would the hair color be put as?
  5. Does a prison bus come with an emergency exit?
  6. When people with braces die, are they buried with the braces on, or are they removed?
  7. On the staircase, will you be able to stand backward?
  8. In a dictionary, why is the word “dictionary” included?
  9. What is a fly without wings called?
  10. Why is bacon cooked, and why are cookies baked?
  11. How can I grow a fruit that is seedless?
  12. If a tomato is considered a fruit, will ketchup be treated as a smoothie?
  13. If you tell a person to become a “leader”, not just a “follower,” then by listening to your advice and following it, won’t they be a “follower”?
  14. If all the people say that life is fair, won’t it mean that life is unfair?
  15. If only the early birds get the worms, why do we need to wait for good things to happen?
  16. If a person hates haters, will it make that person a hater himself, and will they hate themselves?
  17. If supposedly you can attain eternal life with the “fountain of youth,” if you drown in this fountain, will you die?
  18. If the shoe of Cinderella fit her feet, why did the shoe even fall off?
  19. If “nothing” is impossible, is it possible that “something” can be impossible?
  20. Who was the one who taught the very first teacher?
  21. If the soap is dropped onto the floor, will the soap get dirty, or the floor get cleaner?
  22. Why is it said that whenever the temperatures go up, you have a “cold?”
  23. When you are waiting for your order to be brought to you by a waiter, won’t you be the “waiter” in this process?
  24. If one of the very popular pencils is number 2, then shouldn’t it be “number 1”?
  25. When you purchase things that are “made” in China while living in China, will the product still say “made in China”?
  26. What exactly was the very first man who milked the cow trying to get done?
  27. Will we know if any word in a dictionary has been misspelled?
  28. If God ever sneezed, then what should be said to God?
  29. Are caterpillars aware that they will become a butterfly, or do they just build cocoons, unaware of what may happen?
  30. Why do monkeys still exist if humans have evolved from apes and monkeys?
  31. If any tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to listen to the sound, will it still make the sound?
  32. How was the person creating the calendar aware of the day?
  33. Why do you call a building a “building” if it has been built already?
  34. If revenge is associated with a sweet dish that is best served cold, is revenge an ice cream?
  35. Why is that glue doesn’t stick inside the bottle?

Questions for work

  1. Is it possible for you to recite Pi 10 digits or more?
  2. Is money really real? Is it only a value?
  3. What corrupts us more – money or power?
  4. Why was it decided to give only 28 days to the month of February when many months have 31 days? Wasn’t it possible to take a few days from the other months with 31 days and add them to the month of February?
  5. Why do we work? Is it to improve our life or to just compete with people?
  6. How does a person who cannot speak communicate in his mind? What language do they speak in their thoughts?
  7. Does the afterlife really exist?
  8. If Google gets deleted someday, leaving us with nothing to Google, how will we know what exactly happened to it?
  9. What is the color of a mirror?
  10. Why is the boxing ring always square?
  11. Why is that time in the day when the traffic is as slow as possible called the rush hour?
  12. Why is it that we experience only what’s experienced by us?
  13. Why isn’t the radio called the radio set, unlike the TV, which is called the TV set?
  14. Look at the word “SCENT.” Which word is silent – “C” or “S”?
  15. When you drive and are on the lookout for a specific address, why do you reduce the radio volume?
  16. Why is it always said not to judge any book by the cover when people do judge the book by the cover?

Questions for a guy

  1. Do you feel that time only moves forward, or does time move differently?
  2. Can you discover time travel?
  3. Is a body transplant similar to a brain transplant?
  4. Can you yawn when you are fast asleep?
  5. Are animals that do not have houses to live in called homeless?
  6. When your pizza is round in shape, why is its box square-shaped?
  7. If you have lunch for your breakfast, will it still be called lunch?
  8. Why is plastic surgery called that when the surgery involves a living body?
  9. If you really enjoyed the time when you wasted it, would it be called wasted time?
  10. Is talking down to that person even possible if you are shorter than that person?
  11. How can you throw your weight around when you are so heavy?
  12. Is it possible for a garbage can to be thrown away? How?
  13. If quizzes can be quizzical, what would tests be?
  14. Are caretakers the same as caregivers? Why?
  15. If we plug things into the electrical outlet, why don’t we call it an inlet?
  16. Are you also a hypocrite if you are someone who hates prejudiced people?
  17. Why is mineral water coming with expiration dates?
  18. Will a banana get embarrassed when it is peeled?
  19. Is there a way to handcuff him if a person has just one hand?

Questions for a girl

  1. Does facial hair include your eyebrows?
  2. When on an aircraft, which armrest would be yours?
  3. Will an avocado get embarrassed when they are peeled?
  4. Can you daydream at night?
  5. Can a bald person have dandruff?
  6. Do the stairs take a person down or up?
  7. Can something that is new be improved simultaneously?
  8. Why is it that only our fingers and toes get wrinkles when we take a shower?
  9. If chewing gum contains around five calories, how will you get those calories? By chewing it? Or does the gum have to be swallowed?
  10. In space, will a blown bubble pop?
  11. Have you witnessed an endangered species of plant being eaten up by an endangered species of plant?
  12. Will a question that has no answer remain a question?
  13. Why does an easter bunny have to carry eggs when they do not lay them?
  14. Why doesn’t hair in the armpit get split ends? Or do they?
  15. The color of vanilla extract is brown, whereas vanilla ice cream is white in color. Why?

Deep questions

  1. Do you believe that life will always exist or come to an end? Even after 100 years?
  2. Religion or science? What should life be based on?
  3. Where does human emotion reside? Is it the brain or the heart
  4. Why is it felt in the chest and stomach when we have heartbreak? Why not the head?
  5. When everything is told and done, will you have spoken more or done more?
  6. In the universe, is life limited to us?
  7. Is the land temperature affected by the earth’s center?
  8. Why is the closed mind within our skull called an “open mind”?
  9. Is it risky to be dependent entirely on Artificial Intelligence?
  10. How long will it take for artificial intelligence to collapse the stock markets?
  11. Can emotions be controlled with technology? Should they?
  12. Cured Ham – what disease do you think it had?
  13. Why is it that black olives are canned, and green olives are bottled up?
  14. Do you know the reason behind kamikaze pilots wearing helmets?
  15. Who said luggage with wheels was a fantastic idea?
  16. Even though banks are aware of an insufficient balance, why do they charge money for the same reason?
  17. Why is it that every rule has exceptions?
  18. Should there always be a reason for doing things?
  19. Before the invention of drawing boards, what did people use?
  20. What was first – plant or seeds?
  21. Is it ethical to genetically engineer species of plants and animals?

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Questions about life

  1. Do you think animals commit suicide?
  2. Are innovations by humans known as inventions or discoveries?
  3. Is human evolution the reason behind the numerous languages existing today?
  4. Where do you think the passing time goes?
  5. Does the word “opposite” have an opposite?
  6. If the light is absorbed by black holes that are not visible, how is it possible to prove their existence? Is this based on science or faith?
  7. What do you think will happen if ever “time” comes to a standstill?
  8. Is it easy or hard to be a successful person nowadays?
  9. If a person gets his brain transplanted, are they retaining the memories of the owner of the brain?
  10. Does a person who is mentally challenged live in our world? Is it we who are unable to understand the surroundings in the way they perceive them?
  11. If evil exists, is it good? How do we understand good without the existence of evil?
  12. Can the speed of “darkness” be measured?
  13. What happens if a hole is dug in the ground and we never stop digging? Will we reach a completely different point? Or will we land in space?
  14. Will wasting time be considered actual waste?
  15. Do animals keep memories of good times just like how humans do?
  16. Are technology and human innovations good?
  17. Who do we talk to when we pray in the room by ourselves? An imaginary being or the wall?
  18. Are humans unique in contrast to animals, or is this role given to us by ourselves?
  19. If we were created from just “one” Adam and “one” Eve, why is there racial diversity?
  20. Do you feel the ground is rising because all humans, plants, and dead animals are buried in the ground?
  21. Is the environment getting polluted by us, given that we are using all that was already available on this planet?
  22.  What happens after a person dies?
  23. As our thought process tells us we are, are we alive right now?
  24. Are there any better humans on this planet? What is it that makes a person better?
  25. Why does a person reach out to their mother when there is a threat to their existence? Why not the father?
  26. Is there any difference between true north and magnetic north? Why?
  27. How is it possible that as we go higher, it gets cooler?
  28. How can I describe something indescribable?
  29. Are we really free people with human rights?
  30. Is “here” really a different life after one dies? Or is death an end to life?
  31. What will happen when you get a lot of wealth? 
  32. Are we really living every day, or is it a survival game?
  33. If nights didn’t exist, would days exist?
  34. We are humans. Why is it that every person behaves differently from others?

Images to share—if you date (unanswerable ones)

You'll never be able to get these!
Unanswerable questions
You'll never be able to get these!
Unanswerable questions
You'll never be able to get these!
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions
Unanswerable questions


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