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Unpopular Opinions That’ll Get You Punched!

My friend Sarah is really a jokester! Every time that I bring up things like puns, jokes, dad jokes, or whatever—she always is the first one to want to tell me another one. One of her favorite ways to tell a joke is to tell an unpopular opinion. It’s something that people usually CRINGE at! When she asked me, “Ryan, what are your favorite unpopular opinions to use on people?!” I decided—time to make a quick list!

Not everyone thinks or feels alike. So, while the following are “unpopular or controversial opinions”, a lot of people share the same views on many things. Some are funny while others can make someone’s blood boil. So, check out each one and see what people think and how many you agree with.

Unpopular opinions to tell your friends

About Food and Beverage

  • Cake is overrated.
  • Pineapple on pizza tastes yummy.
  • Tomatoes aren’t fruits.
  • Meat is overrated.
  • Mayo is the worst condiment.
  • Mint and chocolate don’t go well together.
  • Olives shouldn’t be on a charcuterie board.
  • Strawberries don’t taste that great.
  • Veggies are better than fruits.
  • Onion rings taste better than French fries.
  • Cheeseburgers and hamburgers aren’t as good as hotdogs. 
  • Raw onion tastes good.
  • Cheese ruins delicious dishes.
  • Beer tastes good at room temperature.
  • Mashed potato is the most horrible food ever created. 
  • Bacon is disgusting.
  • Mayonnaise is better on French fries than ketchup.
  • Chinese food isn’t very good.
  • Sausages go with a chilled beverage.
  • Eggnog is delicious.
  • Thanksgiving food is completely overrated.
  • Pizza tastes good only with red/tomato sauce.
  • Seafood is delicious.
  • Sweet potatoes are better than ordinary potatoes.
  • Watermelon is flavorless.
  • Pepsi tastes better than Coke.
  • Guacamole is better than avocado.
  • Blueberry pie is way better than pumpkin pie.
  • Ketchup is best when refrigerated.
  • Liver is a delicious type of food that can be eaten at anytime.
  • Cereal and fries taste best when soggy.
  • You should serve mashed food at parties.
  • People drink gin because it’s considered fashionable and not because it’s delicious.
  • Beer tastes like urine.
  • Salty and greasy food doesn’t make it tasty.
Girl who is really upset and in pain!

About Life and Society

  • Money can buy happiness.
  • You require a college degree to get ahead in life.
  • Bookworms are more intelligent.
  • Cats are better than dogs.
  • White and blue-collar jobs are equally challenging.
  • People raised in a religious environment succeed more in life.
  • It isn’t Christmas without snow.
  • Life isn’t just about having children.
  • A marriage solves a lot of problems in relationships.
  • To travel is to waste money.
  • Money comes first, everything else is second.
  • It’s more comfortable to travel by bike than a car.
  • It’s more enjoyable when it’s humid outside!
  • Rainy days are more fun than sunny days.
  • Searching for jobs is a really fun thing to do.
  • Math and science are the most exciting subjects at school.
  • It’s better to live in the suburbs than in the city.
  • It’s pointless to make your bed every morning.
  • Christmas trees should be real, not artificial.
  • It’s pretty normal to laugh at your own jokes.
  • Undergoing cosmetic surgery will not make you real.
  • Going to the mountains is more enjoyable than going to the beach.
  • It’s a waste of time arguing with people on the internet. 
  • Cold weather tops warm weather!
  • It’s okay to not own a credit card.
  • It isn’t rude to ask a woman her age.
Unpopular opinions to tell your friends and family members

Funny Unpopular Opinions

  • The earth is flat.
  • Timetables are easy to maintain.
  • It’s cool to cover your face in pictures.
  • Wild animals can attack humans if they are in their habitat.
  • Putting on designer clothes doesn’t make you feel fashionable.
  • The worst chore on the list is vacuuming.
  • Running is a very pleasant hobby.
  • America is the greatest country on Earth.
  • Most poetry sucks.
  • Android phones are better than iPhones.
  • Watching movies at home is more enjoyable than going to the theater.
  • Farting in front of your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend is okay.
  • The love between tall guys and short girls is unbreakable.
  • The smartphone is the number one distraction on the road.
  • Water taste’s better without ice cubes.
  • Small parties are better than big parties.
  • Mosquito bites are kind of enjoyable to get.
  • Metric measurements should be used for all recipes.
  • It’s comfortable to sleep in jeans.
  • White people’s weddings are boring.
  • Movie trailers are enjoyable to watch.
  • We will all die and be immediately forgotten.
  • You should only eat three meals a day.
  • Cargo shorts look great on people!
  • Atheism is a religion.
  • Childbirth should need a license.
  • The dog filter on Snapchat should’ve stayed.
  • Walking and running offer the same benefits.
  • A morning person is more productive.
  • PCs top Macs.
  • Graveyards are relaxing.

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Unpopular Opinions about Love and Relationships

  • There isn’t any true love, so it’s better to go for average.
  • You can keep secrets when in a relationship. 
  • You can’t make someone change.
  • Only losers and ugly people need dating apps.
  • It’s easy to have a long-distance relationship with the right person.
  • You shouldn’t stop looking for a husband just because you have a boyfriend. 
  • High school relationships aren’t meaningful.
  • Kids aren’t for all couples.
  • Too many baby showers but very few weddings.
  • Different political opinions shouldn’t matter in a relationship.
  • Love isn’t a feeling; it’s a choice.
  • You can have children before marriage.
  • The wedding is more important for people than the marriage itself.

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Unpopular Opinions about Movies/TV Shows

  • Frozen 2 is better than Frozen (1).
  • Breaking Bad is a really boring TV series.
  • All musicals are bad.
  • Most action movies are stupid.
  • When compared, “Star Trek” tops “Star Wars” hands down.
  • I’m not too fond of sitcoms.
  • Shrek is the best romantic movie of all time.
  • I don’t find The Big Bang Theory funny at all.
  • The Walking Dead tops the list of zombie franchises.
  • Diehard isn’t a Christmas movie.
  • The “Friends” sitcom isn’t that great.
  • It’s fun to watch thrillers and horror movies.

Unpopular Opinions about Celebrities

  • Gordon Ramsay is hot.
  • Reality stars aren’t stars.
  • Ben Affleck appears like a good guy.
  • Taylor Swift is one of the most underrated artists of this generation.
  • Beyonce is an overrated performer/artist.
  • Michael Jackson just loved kids and chimps.
  • Jason Momoa isn’t that sexy.
  • Foo Fighters is a better band than Nirvana.
  • Coldplay is overrated.
  • Pop stars of today sound the same.
  • Kevin Hart isn’t funny—at all.
  • Madonna is an overrated artist reluctant to let go of the past.
  • It isn’t right for celebrities to be involved in politics.
  • Fame is garbage.
  • Most rappers don’t have talent.

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Unpopular Opinions about Sports/Athletes

  • It’s a waste of time to watch sports.
  • Tennis isn’t as enjoyable as badminton.
  • Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan? Yes!
  • Motorsports are hobbies, not sports.
  • Golf is pretty exciting sport to watch!
  • The NBA isn’t that exciting.
  • Sports are stupid.
  • Ice hockey is a dangerous activity.
  • Boxing and UFC need to be banned.
  • Sports personalities are overrated and overvalued.
  • “Darts” isn’t a sport.
  • Fishing is more unpleasant than watching baseball.
  • Swimming is a thrilling sport to watch!

Bottomline—Unpopular Opinions

Tell a few of these to your friends, family members, or other folks who might want a little HOT TOPIC to talk about.

Just remember—sharing an unpopular opinion might feel like someone poking a needle into your eye! It’ll hurt!


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