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What Does W Mean in Texting? (Examples)

Slang explained: W meaning in texting! All people can talk about now is taking losses instead of Ws. What does W mean in texting, you may ask. Many are yet to find out, but luckily you have found the right article to help you understand what it means and how to differentiate it from other internet slang. With our help and assisting examples, you’ll be able to grasp the concept of Ws and know precisely how to use it.

What Does W Mean In Texting?

—W meaning in texting:

When you’re texting someone, ‘W’ is an internet acronym for win. It is a simple way to determine whether a matter is positive or makes you feel like a winner.

W is used chiefly on a plethora of social media sites ranging from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the top app, TikTok.

If you see someone in these apps use ‘W’ when referring to a new pair of shoes or earning a raise from work, you can understand that as a win, while the opposite would be an L.

Alternative Meanings

W can mean a win, but it also holds meaning for several words:

  • With
  • White
  • Wednesday

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Examples Of W In A Text Exchange

These examples will help you use the term W correctly:

Example One:

Katie — I cooked your favorite meal for dinner!

Drew — I made a big W deciding to marry you!

Example Two:

Liam — I scored a 95/100 on the test I thought I’d fail!

Ashton — W!

What Does W Mean When A Girl Texts It To Me?

Girls, especially those who aren’t big on the gaming scene, are not always up to date with gamer vocabulary.

As W has been used to refer to ‘with’ most of the time, your girl might think of the word with instead of win while using it.

W or W/ for ‘with’ can come in casual handwritten letters or recipes, so it isn’t uncommon for a girl to use it in that context.

What Does W Mean When A Guy Texts It To Me?

If you got a recent pay raise or promotion at work, or you’ve experienced something positive in life, a guy might reply back ‘W’. This means they are trying to express a sense of celebration and excitability on your behalf due to your accomplishments.

W is also utilized when referring to multiple wins, such as a double win in a game or successfully persuading your dad to give you the car.

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Does W Mean The Same In Texting As It Does On Social Media?

A frequent visitor of the TikTok app would have come across the term W thrown around like confetti under comments and posts, but not everyone knows what it means.

Now that you do, you will see that in text or social media, ‘W’ means the same thing under different contexts.

The person is congratulating another under a video, and W is how they do this, and the same goes for textual conversations.


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