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28 Powerful Ways to Respond to an I Miss You Text

Texting is really a terrible form of communication—I don’t think anyone can disagree with that. Jeremy, one of my friends who is always asking me about relationships and communication with people—asked me YET ANOTHER good question. Asking me, “Ryan, what are some good ways to respond to an I miss you text? I got one from a girl that I used to date and I don’t really know what to do!” Well, I’ve gotten those too. Here’s some examples of what you could say!

Before you jump right into responding—try to think about what you really want to say to someone. And who you want to be.

What kind of person are you?

What are your values?

And your character traits?

Don’t let other people intercept who you are! Or adjust who you are.

Be the person that you’re going to be proud of, no matter what! And when you have checked in with yourself on that—then start to think about what you want to say by text!

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When You Miss Them Back—Ways to Respond to an I Miss You Text!

—How to respond to an “I miss you” text!

I’m so glad that you texted me

Something heartfelt and sweet to say to him/her.

It’s been too long, I miss you

When you’ve been thinking about them, as well.

You’re everything I want, I hope you know that

This will go an extremely long way when it comes to someone who cares deeply about you.

Hey, I’m glad you texted me

If you want to play it safe. And you’re not sure whether or not they are going to be nice to your feelings or your emotions.

I miss you terribly, I won’t lie

Let it all out there and be vulnerable! It’s okay!

Can’t hide my feelings from you, you’re everything I want

This is just telling him/her the truth. Get right to the truth so you can apologize for what happened and move on!

You are it for me, I hope you know that

Commitment is a seriously hard thing to practice. This is when you want to let them know that you’re not giving up, no matter what.

Can we try again?

Things fail and succeed for many reasons—it doesn’t mean it has to happen again!

Learn from your mistakes!

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If It’s Just Too Late—Ways to Respond to an I Miss You Text!

—How to respond to an “I miss you” text!

We can’t, I’m sorry

You’re saying no in a very polite and soft way.

This is saying no.

No, just no!

When they are being a little bit too aggressive.

Sometimes you just have to say NO!

You shouldn’t be texting me

Take my instructions. This is what the text says to that other person. It’s a dry text, something very short and to the point, with very little emotion.

I can’t do this with you again

You hurt me in the past and I won’t let that happen again, that’s what this text says to him/her!

Can we just agree to move on?

This is a polite way of asking for things to change.

For the relationship to look a little different than how it looks today!

Let’s be friends, okay?

Being friends after a relationship is possible—if the two of you really want it to go that way!

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When You Don’t Miss Them Back At All—Ways to Respond to an I Miss You Text!

—How to respond to an “I miss you” text!

Please don’t text me

You shouldn’t be texting me again, please listen to me and respect me!

That’s what this says.

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Delete me from your phone

A bit more aggressive for those who have been hurt multiple times.

It’s time to move on!

Expert advice: According to the Center of Innovative Health Research, girls send around 3,952 messages a month, and boys tap out a comparatively paltry 2,815 messages a month. Holy cow, right!? Adolescents have really embraced texting as their primary form of communication (sadly!).

Who is this?

A harsh way of saying that life has moved on and so should he/her.

Why are you texting me?

You really just aren’t open to the idea of talking anymore! That’s what this says!

Okay, but I don’t care!

When you shouldn’t even be responding at all. A no response to this text would be better than saying this. But if you absolutely have to say something, try this one!

You need to move on from this

When you pity the other person for holding on to an unhealthy relationship. It’s time for them to move on from this.

I can’t believe you, just move on from this!

You’re really not receptive to the idea of getting together, talking, or retrying this relationship!

That’s what this says!

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To Make Them Regret Everything—Ways to Respond to an I Miss You Text!

—How to respond to an “I miss you” text!

My life is better with out you, I’m sorry

Things just look better without you in the picture. That’s a harsh reality but it’s true!

I don’t need you anymore

I’ve moved on from this and you need to as well.

This relationship isn’t going to happen again.

I’ve moved on with my life and I like it better

When you want to be brutal with your words and need a little bit of revenge on him!

Please don’t text me because I’ve moved on and my life is better

This is a polite and forward way of saying, “It’s not going to happen again, okay?”

I told you I would be moving on with my goals in life, now I have

You warned them about the future that was to come.

When patterns repeat themselves, it’s time to let them know that you’ve solved the problem.

Everything is better without you in it, please don’t text me

This is a hard stop on the whole conversation.

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My Experience With “I Miss You” Texts…

I’ve had a number of experiences with these types of text messages. Sometimes, it feels like it’s just a type of control or manipulation coming from a highly narcissist person.

Other times it feels like it’s something I was anticipating or looking forward to.

Generally, the text message is some type of extension that indicates that things need to be rekindled. And in my own experience—I had two paths I could go down. I could tell the person that I was receptive to the idea. Or I could tell them that I was not.

Sometimes, a simple “no response” is better. Just leaving them hanging really tells them what’s truly on your mind. Which is what I did most often… I just left them out there, with no response.

While it wasn’t my goal: this often became the best punishment for the mistakes that were made… Take my advice, though, don’t seek revenge—just move on!


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