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What Does 😍 Mean in texting? EXAMPLES!)

What does 😍 mean in texting? Emojis are time savers and fun to use. Since their appearance in the late 1990s on Japanese mobile phones, emoji have become popular, and most people use them when texting or making comments on different social media apps. Emoji means “pictograph” in Japanese and comes from two words, e + moji, which means picture and character, respectively.

There are a vast number of emojis, and while some people know the meaning of each one, many don’t. The heart face emoji, or the face with hearts, is one of the most used emojis. But what does it mean?

What does the 😍 emoji mean in texting?

The heart face emoji means deep love and affection; people use it in romantic texts and non-romantic messages. It can represent love for people, an idea, an object, or other things.

Alternative Meanings

Though several sources suggest that the heart face emoji means love and affection, people also use it to mean a few other things. They use it to express gratefulness and adoration. In some instances, it can also mean enthusiasm for an occasion. Some people have also used the emoji to express or indicate other things, such as

  • “Goodbye, and see you shortly.”
  • “I am deeply in love with you.”
  • “I feel a deep connection with you.”

Examples Of Heart Eyes Emoji In A Text Exchange

The following are few examples that show when you use the heart face emoji.

Example One:

Boy: “Hey, how is it going?”

Girl: “Great, and you?”

Boy: “Doing ok as well. Do you want to grab lunch sometime?”

Girl: ‘Why not? Say when!”

Boy: “Friday?”

Girl: “Ok, see you then.”

Boy:  😍

Example Two:

Jake: “Are you looking forward to having fun this weekend?”

Amy: “Yeah! It’s going to be a blast! 😍! Don’t forget to grab some treats on your way.”

Jake: “Don’t worry, I won’t 😍!”

What Does Heart Face Emoji Mean When A Girl Texts It To Me?

When a girl texts a heart face emoji to you, it may mean that she 

  • Has loads of love for you
  • Is happy and excited about something 
  • Is grateful

It also depends on how often she uses the heart face emoji in her texts and comments. If she uses it rarely and she uses it when texting you, it’s a positive sign, and it means she feels for you. 

But if she uses it frequently, it may mean she is lively and easy-going. So, sending the heart face emoji may mean she’s happy and excited.

What Does Heart Face Emoji Mean When A Guy Texts It To Me?

The same goes when a guy texts a heart face emoji to you. If it happens frequently, the emoji doesn’t hold deep meaning, and he uses it to express enthusiasm and excitement, or he may be flirting with you. But if he uses it only rarely and to you alone, it surely means he has a deep affection for you.

Does Heart Face Emoji Mean The Same In Texting As It Does On Social Media?

Heart face means love, affection, adoration, or excitement and enthusiasm. So, it means one of these both on social media and texting, depending on the subject and nature of the chat or post.


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