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What Does DTM Mean in Texting? EXAMPLES!

What does DTM mean in texting? Texting has become one of the main sources of keeping in touch with our loved ones since most of us are really just packed with work and have myriads of personal life issues that stop us from meeting in person and chilling.

However, while doing so, you might come across slang terms or abbreviations that you don’t understand, which may put you in quite a pickle. It’s always great to keep up with the times and learn as many acronyms and abbreviations as possible since they make the chat quick and, most importantly, convenient.

That said, if you’ve recently encountered DTM during one of your texting sessions, and you’re wondering, “What Does DTM Mean In Texting?” We’ve got you covered!

What Does DTM Mean In Texting?

Depending on the conversation’s context, many phrases are associated with the acronym DTM, but the most common would be “doing too much.” It’s a phrase that people use when they find someone literally doing too much or trying too hard.

DTM can be used positively and negatively, so it is used when the sender wants to let you know that you need to take it down a notch or when he/she is talking negatively about someone, implying that they are just extra.

Alternative Meanings

Here are some alternative meanings associated with DTM:

Dead To Me- Used when you want to make a strong statement of someone negatively, telling another person or the individual themselves that you no longer want to associate with them. E.g., “You’re DTM”

Down To Meet- Used when you want to let someone know you’re free and want to meet. E.g., “I’ll be moving out from the office soon, DTM?”

Examples Of DTM In A Text Exchange

Example #1

Hate it when I go overboard with the theatrics. I admit that I will be DTM.

Insult me if you’d like, but don’t talk about my dog like that. That’s DTM!

Example #2

Melinda – I sent him multiple texts hours ago but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Should I send him another one?

You – You need to chill, Melinda. You’re DTM!

What Does DTM Mean When A Girl Texts It To Me? 

If a girl sends you DTM, it either comes from a place of concern, or you’re trying too hard to woo her over.

What Does DTM Mean When A Boy Texts It To Me?

If a boy sends you DTM, you’re working too much, obsessing over a guy or the boy in question, or doing too much on something that doesn’t require much effort.

Does DTM Mean The Same In Texting As It Does On Social Media?

As we’ve mentioned, there are various alternative meanings to DTM depending on the conversation’s context, but they usually mean the same in texting as it does on social media.


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