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What Does HBU Mean in Texting? EXAMPLES!

What does HBU mean in texting? Time is precious, and most people try to save it in any way possible. When texting, using the full form of words can waste time and space. That’s why abbreviations have become popular in most text messaging and social media platforms. In fact, texts in abbreviation form came into vogue because they used less space and time, first on paper and now in the digital era.

What does HBU mean in texting?

Today, everyone uses acronyms and shorthand words and phrases. HBU is a common abbreviation among users. When texting, it means “How ‘bout you?” or “How about you?”. While about starts with “A” and you with “Y,” “B” and “U” are the typical letters used to mean about and you. 

Alternative Meanings

While HBU means “how about you” in texting, it also signifies a few other meanings in other aspects. For example, HBU stands for

  • Homebrew Bittering Units
  • Historically Black University
  • Highest and Best Use (valuation of property).

Examples Of HBU In A Text Exchange

It’s pretty obvious that most people must have used HBU at least once in their chats and comments. But for those who have never used it, here are some examples of using HBU in texting.

Example One:

Susan: ‘Hi, are you going to the fair on Saturday?”

Jane: “Yeah, HBU?”

Susan: “Yep! Shall we meet there at 15:00?”

Jane: “K. See you.”

Example Two:

Luke: ‘Hey, have you prepared for the Math test on Monday?”

Bob: “Not much, bro. HBU?”

Luke: “Same, bro! Want to study together for a while? Maybe we can help each other.”

Bob: “Great! 6 PM, my place?”

Luke: “K. See you soon.”

What Does HBU Mean When A Girl Texts It To Me?

HBU means “How about you?” or “How ‘bout you?” so when a girl texts you, she means the same thing and wants to know something, depending on the topic.

What Does HBU Mean When A Guy Texts It To Me?

There aren’t other meanings of HBU in texting, so when a guy texts it to you, it means the same as when a girl texts it. For instance, you may be discussing something, and he responds HBU to know your opinion regarding the subject.

Does HBU Mean The Same In Texting As It Does On Social Media?

Yes, HBU means the same on social media and in texting. Someone will say HBU after answering a query to know the other person’s opinion. The two examples show how people use HBU in texting, so it’s easy to understand. 


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