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10 Reasons Why She Smiled At You

My friend James always asks me the good questions. You know him, I talk about him a lot on this blog. He asked me, “Ryan, what does it mean when a girl smiles at you?” Well, I told him the truth—it’s usually a really strong sign that she’s interested in talking to you. But you have to look at the situation as a whole before you make a move.

If you’ve got this question yourself—let’s jump into it…

First, my experience with this…

I’ve had a gym crush NOT smile at me but then talk to me and even ask me out later! I would say that based on my own experience, a girl who is smiling at you might not always indicate that she’s interested in going out with you.

So if you’re trying to flirt with her or trying to get a better sense of the situation—a smiling girl might not always be the indicator. I’ve had personal experience with this… Even in the opposite direction.

For example, I asked out a girl who smiled at me—and she had a boyfriend… Confusing! It’s really important to look at the situation as a whole before you make a move.

10 reasons why she smiled at you

What does it mean when a girl smiles at you—find out what it might mean!

1. She’s just being polite

There’s a chance here that she’s just trying to be polite and that’s all there is. Someone who is trying to have a good demeanor to the world might be smiling all the time.

2. You’re doing something kind of funny

Maybe you’re doing something funny and don’t know it. Is your fly down? Or something like that? Maybe you have a coffee stain on your T-shirt! Check around before you make some assumptions.

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3. She finds you interesting

There IS ACTUALLY a good chance that she finds you interesting. And is smiling at you because you seem like a person she could be drawn to!

4. She might actually be attracted to you

YES! This is the case that you probably want to be happening. The way to tell is to deduce all of the other reasons on this list and if nothing is coming up, then it might be that she wants to get to know you better.

Expert tip: It’s best to understand good body language. It’s usually described as “body language may involve hand movements, facial expressions and hints, eye movements, tone of voice, body movements and positions.”

5. Maybe she thinks you’re someone that she knows, already

Maybe it’s that she thinks you’re someone that she knows. A friend from the past maybe? Or just someone from school… I’ve had this happen more than once and it can be a little bit of a bummer!

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6. You’re at a place like a coffee shop or bar—where it’s her job to be nice

Don’t assume that because someone is smiling at you that it means they’re interested in you. Especially at places like a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar. It’s their job to be nice to you and often, they’ll smile in a way that is purely friendly and professional.

7. There’s a chance she’s smiling at someone else and not you

Is there someone behind you—go ahead, check! I’ve had this happen. When a girl starts to smile at me and I think it’s because she’s looking at me. And it’s really just someone behind me that she’s looking at. It sucks!

8. There’s intention for you to go over and talk to her

Good eye contact along with a smile could be an invite to go and talk to her. The prolonged eye contact is a great sign. And one that you should look for.

9. She’s thinking of something that happened during the day

Maybe she’s staring off into the distance and you are just part of it. And when she’s doing that—she’s thinking about something funny that happened during the day.

Don’t assume!

10. Something on her phone is making her laugh

If she has her phone in her hand and is smiling but looking up—that might mean that she just looked at something funny on her phone.

The use of the phone and where it is in her vicinity is really and important one—here.

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