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What Does LAMO Mean in Texting? EXAMPLES!

What does LAMO mean In texting? With the advancement of online communication within the social media realms, there are new terms or abbreviated forms of words every other day that express distinct feelings more conveniently and faster to type.

Influencers and celebrities keep creating the next most popular slang term. And the off-the-grid community or occasional texters are victims of not knowing it.

If you belong to the categories mentioned, we understand that It’s hard to keep up with the next trending word, and you often find yourself clueless in your text exchange sessions.

So, if you’ve recently encountered the word LAMO, and you’re wondering, “What does this mean!?” Then, we’ll let you know what it means and how to use it properly during your subsequent text message exchange.

What Does LAMO Mean In Texting?

Are you telling yourself it must be related to the OG abbreviation LMAO created in the 90s? Well, then, you’re precisely correct. 

LAMO isn’t a word with a distinct meaning but rather a misspelling of the word, LMAO, typed in extreme excitement. It stands for “laughing my ass off,” used when you find something extremely hilarious. 

However, most people today also use it intentionally to draw attention to something highly ridiculous or funny.

The use of the word and the one who made it famous has been credited to a Twitch streamer named Redsight in 2014.

Alternative Meanings

  • Insulting-  Lamo is a slang term trendy in social media used as an insult and an alternative spelling to the insulting word Lame-o, for quick translation, lame or pathetic. E.g., “You’re such a Lamo!” “Don’t be a Lamo!” “What a lamo”
  • Laugh At Me Okay- Used in a comical or sarcastic way. E.g., “Please Don’t LAMO!”

 Examples Of LAMO In A Text Exchange

Here are some ways you can use LAMO during a text exchange:

Example #1

  • LAMO, Dave Chappelle is genuinely one of my favorite comedians of all time.
  • Christine had the audacity to call me again LAMO!
  • Why are you dressed as a marshmallow LAMO.

Example #2

Monik- Did you watch the meme I sent you yet?

You- Yeah, LAMO

Dustin- I’m actually a legit clown.

You- LAMO, you can say that again!

What Does LAMO Mean When A Girl Texts It To Me?

If she replies LAMO to your funny text, joke, or meme, understand that she thinks you’re actually funny. However, if you’ve sent her something unfunny or not LAMO-worthy yet still sends you LAMO, maybe she’s being sarcastic.

What Does LAMO Mean When A Boy Texts It To Me?

The same applies to boys. However, most guys laugh even if the meme you sent isn’t LAMO-worthy; as long as he’s into you, there’s a good chance he’s not being sarcastic when he replies LAMO to a meme.

Does LAMO Mean The Same In Texting As It Does On Social Media?

While LAMO has alternative meanings, it usually is a misspelling of the word LMAO, regardless of whether it is used in text or on social media.


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