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What Does LBVS Mean in Texting? EXAMPLES!

What does LBVS mean in texting? If someone sent you this through a text message—you might be a little confused! Well, that’s normal! Let’s dig into what it means when someone sends this!

What does LBVS mean in texting?

LBVS is a common abbreviation of an expression that expands to ‘Laughing, but very serious.’ People use it when they find something humorous in what you said without considering the issue lightly.

We all know of social situations or circumstances where we feel like laughing when laughter can be considered inappropriate. So, LBVS, as an expression, comes in handy during these times.

You can communicate your amusement without disrespecting or belittling the situation which has severe or grave implications.

Alternative Meanings

In science and chemistry, LBVS may stand for Ligand-based Virtual Screening. In this context, LBVS is a system used to measure different properties of a protein.

LBVS may also stand for Load Balancing strategy for Virtual Storage. Here, LBVS is a strategy for managing memory in cloud storage systems.

There’s another possible meaning when the first three letters are in upper case and the fourth letter is in lower case. In astronomy and celestial physics, LBVs mean Luminous Blue Variables. Scientists use the term to describe specific stars that have aged so much that their brightness and energy keep fluctuating.

Examples of LBVS in a Text Exchange

Example 1: “Your drunk uncle got hit by a car? LBVS”

Example 2: “Man, I heard Jimmy’s dad got electrocuted trying to repair exposed wires. LBVS”

What does LBVS mean when a girl texts it to me?

Girls may use LBVS to admit how they laughed at specific news while still acknowledging the seriousness of the matter.

They may use it to convey empathy towards the situation while still communicating that there are funny parts to the story.

What does LBVS mean when a boy texts it to me?

Boys will use LBVS the same way girls do in most cases. The boy may mean that a situation is hilarious, but there are dangerous aspects to it that cannot be taken lightly.

It conveys that they’re still concerned about whoever suffered during the incident, even if some of it sounds funny.

Does LBVS mean the same thing in texting as it does on social media?

Yes. LBVS generally expresses the same emotion regardless of whether you see it in text or on a social media platform.

However, look out for variations like LBVs (lowercase ‘s’). If you spot this variation, the sender or person posting may be talking about astronomy and other topics related to celestial stars.


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