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60 POWERFUL Answers to “What is the Point of Life?”

I don’t mind getting into deep conversations. In fact, I love it! The deepest conversation you can get into with friends, family, or even relationships is one that’s all about the meaning of life! No one really knows what the true meaning is. It’s up to each of us to interpret the answer! When Chris asked me, “Ryan, what is the point of life!?” I thought, let’s come up with some good answers!

Most people go through their entire lives in a helpless pursuit of true meaning, while others choose the nihilistic route and give up all hope. Neither extreme serves to provide a life that’s purposeful or worthwhile.

According to the National Institutes of Health, forming positive emotions in life can help you draw out more purpose and meaning to your existence. To that end, how do you find true meaning, and what is the point of life when it comes down to it?

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60 Best Answers to, “What is The Point of LIFE!?”

Here are some great answers!

  1. Finding happiness by doing things you love and enjoy doing
  2. Sharing and spreading happiness to those around you
  3. Pursuing a great career, or profession and climbing the occupation ladder
  4. Being a source of support for friends and family
  5. Cultivating great friendships that give you love and hope throughout life
  6. Being a good neighbor to all around you, wherever you are.
  7. Finding God and instilling a divine purpose in all that you do
  8. Doing what you want and feel like because the heart always knows what it wants
  9. Avoiding troubles and worries in a world that is rife with problems and disorders
  10. Solving problems for yourself and others to become someone others cannot-do-without.
  11. Earning money and building generational wealth for more power and influence
  12. Earning money and spending lavishly because, hey, YOLO.
  13. Preventing any suffering from overtaking your life
  14. Overcoming all odds to find success and accomplishments
  15. Learning to accept and embrace life’s problems
  16. Being excellent at your job and always being a star performer
  17. Earning the respect of people around you
  18. Finding your soul-mate, the only one out there who truly gets you
  19. Finding true love and a happy marriage
  20. Being the ideal spouse and partner through all ups and downs
  21. Being a parent and bringing new life into the world
  22. Raising children in a healthy and positive environment
  23. Finding your true identity
  24. Acknowledging that there’s no meaning to life (that we just exist)
  25. Achieve material success through capability and without greed
  26. Pursue education and learn all that you can
  27. Finding the right religion that suits your values
  28. Building and practicing good moral principles
  29. Learning ethics and putting them into practice
  30. Building a successful business and being your own boss
  31. Making time for family amidst the bustling schedule of daily life
  32. Taking each new day as it comes along
  33. Living till a ripe old age and seeing the world changing
  34. Finding the best way to express your individuality
  35. Sharing music with the world (for the musically inclined)
  36. Revolutionizing the industry or profession you work in
  37. Mastering your emotions and feelings
  38. Avoiding any kind of indulgence in life
  39. Overcoming pride and embodying a modest identity
  40. Figuring out what is most important to you in life
  41. Searching for what brings you the most fulfillment
  42. Leaving the world and your surroundings a better place than you found it in
  43. Protecting and saving the environment
  44. Fighting for a cause or goal that is bigger than you
  45. Finding the things that give you the most pleasure in life
  46. Never letting down your close friends
  47. Emulating the personalities you admire the most
  48. Becoming a celebrity known all over the world
  49. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and finding success through it
  50. Chasing and succeeding in all the dreams you had as a small child
  51. Finding art and beauty in all things you come across
  52. Developing and refining hobbies till they become a profession
  53. Word hard, hustle, and retire early to experience life
  54. Traveling and seeing as much of the world as possible in one lifetime
  55. Living this life well and building good karma for the next (for those who believe in reincarnation)
  56. Live out a rags-to-riches story that inspires all around you
  57. Connect with your inner, spiritual soul to find a renewed purpose for life
  58. Identifying your special talents, abilities, and strengths
  59. Finding a way to ditch the 9-to-5 and live out a care-free lifestyle
  60. Charity, philanthropy, and any other way you can give back to society

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