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15 Reasons Why Women Prefer Taller Men

Jamie, my girl friend (yes, she’s a girl who is a friend) asked me, “Ryan, why do women prefer taller men?” Well, that’s a really interesting question! And for all of us short kings out there, we really want to know! Here are reasons why women prefer taller men!

Everyone has different preferences when choosing a mate, and several factors play a part. Height is one of the features that most people take into consideration. There is also a common saying that most women like their romantic partners to be taller than them.

It may seem cliché, but according to a study conducted by Gert Stulp, Abraham P. Buunk and Thomas V. Pollet, they found out that women prefer a more significant difference in height between themselves and their partner compared to men on the same subject. 

For example, women had more satisfaction when their partners were at least 21 cm taller than them. Men, on the other hand, were satisfied with the 8 cm gap. So, what are the reasons for women preferring taller men? If you’re also curious, don’t go anywhere because we’ve found at least fifteen reasons women like their partners to be taller.

why women prefer taller men

15 Reasons Why Women Prefer Taller Men

—Reasons why women prefer taller men: let’s go!!

It’s Socially Acceptable For Men to Be Taller Than Women In A Relationship

It may sound old-fashioned or absurd, but it seems the norm. Society readily accepts a relationship between a tall man and a shorter woman. People though not all, are likely to point a finger if a woman is taller than her partner. 

Tall Men Are Strong And Protective

Most women are mentally strong but physically delicate. So they often appear vulnerable. Tall men look and are strong, and there is a theory that they come out more successful during a fight. Hence, women feel safe with them and feel they can protect them during any incident. 

Tall Men Are Macho

Any confident man can look masculine and ooze charm. However, the idea that tall men are more macho or manly is a familiar concept. Many women also like their men to be macho, so they tend to look for taller men.

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Tall Men Are Stable Moneywise

According to research in the Journal of Psychology (Vol. 89, No. 3), tall people, on average, make more money than short people. While most may think it can’t be correct, it’s the truth. The reason is that tall people appear more confident, have more self-esteem, and look fit to take up higher positions. So, employers hire tall people for jobs that hold authority. As a result, they earn more and are financially stable.

Tall Men Are Easy To Find

On average, men are taller than women. So, for most women, finding a taller partner isn’t tricky. It may be slightly challenging in exceptional cases where women are too tall. But they can still find men who are taller by even 1-2 inches. 

Tall Men Are Physically Active

If you look at athletes or even ordinary people who go to the gym or exercise, you’ll notice people of all heights. But it’s a common notion that tall men are active and have an incredible physique. So, women are naturally drawn to them. 

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Tall Men Also Go For Shorter Women

Like women, men also tend to look for shorter women or girls. So, since females are naturally shorter, it’s convenient, and both sides don’t have to look hard. 

Media Portrays Tall Men Better

It may sound silly, but everyone appears to be attracted to tall men, including the media. So, in a way, it’s not surprising to see that women incline towards taller men.

Tall Men Look Great In Pictures

It may sound biased to everyone who doesn’t judge people according to their height. But it’s also true that tall men look excellent in pictures. Women want their photos with their partners to look good, so it’s only natural if they lean towards taller men.

It’s Exciting To Cuddle With Tall Men

Intimacy is an essential feature in a relationship, and women like to cuddle. Most women agree that tall men are fun to cuddle with, and that’s one of the reasons why women prefer taller men.

Women Feel More Feminine Around Tall Men

It may also sound silly but tall men make women feel girly and delicate.

Tall Men Are Well-Endowed

This particular notion comes from the fact that tall men have bigger and longer body parts. So, most people, especially women, assume that tall men have bigger manhood too. It’s also true to an extent, and for many women, size does matter.

Tall Men Can Reach the Top Shelves Easily

It’s also a silly reason but true. Most of the time, women have difficulty taking things out of high shelves. If they have a tall partner, there won’t be a problem because their tall partner can reach a shelf of any height.

Tall Men Seems More Agreeable In The Plan of A Future Family

Women want to feel protected and have tall and robust children. So when compared to shorter men, taller men appear more suitable for the purpose. 

It’s Evolution

Last but not least, evolution has also played a role in making women inclined towards taller men. They appear more vital, more attractive and capable of protecting women. So, most females naturally favor taller men in a mate.

Bottomline—Why Women Prefer Taller Men!

Some of the reasons seem silly but are true. There may also be more factors for women favoring taller guys, so you’re likely to find more and different reasons in other sources.

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