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The Best Words Of Encouragement For People In Need

I had a friend ask me the other day, “Ryan—what are some words of encouragement I can say to someone in need?” Well, I absolutely loved this question! I love the idea of giving back. That’s why I needed to jump into this subject and try to help my friend out!

My experience with positive words…

Words go a very long way… Longer than we might think. Studies have shown that positive words have real and actual impact on lives. And when you think about the act of giving back (typically—an act that gives you a sense of purpose and passion), it makes sense that all you have to do is start with something small.

A positive word, phrase, sentence, quote, or whatever you might think of is a great way to start off having a good relationship with others.

Studies have actually shown that giving back has positive psychological and material effects on depression and anxiety. So yes, while you might think giving back should be selfless—it’s the best way to fill up your cup!

And that’s what I’ve learned!!!

When Does Someone Need it the Most?

Pain and hardships are temporary, yet sometimes, it gets extremely difficult to bear.

However, always remember that we’re all human beings and discouragement, or the overwhelming feeling of defeat, is all part of life and that you’ll get through it, no matter what!

As adults, we realise that life’s a struggle, and each day we battle various obstacles to simply survive and stay sane and happy and get through it just to prepare for another day of challenges.

While it doesn’t sound good on paper, we live knowing that there are brighter days and beautiful chapters of our lives to look forward to.

In addition, most people or even psychologists would agree that challenges, hardships, or negative emotions we face build character and lets us understand that this makes us human in the first place.

It’s okay to not feel okay

Have you ever read the infamous phrase, “It’s okay to not feel okay?” Sometimes you need life to kick you down to become stronger. It’s okay to fail, but always make sure you get up!

Understand that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

On that note, it’s safe to assume that you’ve been or are currently in situations where you think life is treating you well, but the next moment, you’re stuck with blue days out of nowhere, and nothing seems to work out for you.

We’ve all been through it, and in situations like this, it’s perfectly okay and normal to want to build yourself up on your own, but a little dose of words of encouragement from someone never hurts and instead helps us heal the greatest pains.

Words are extremely powerful, and words of encouragement could mean the world to someone when you have the right words at the given moment.

Even the strongest human beings need encouragement sometimes, so today, if you’re unsure of what to say in these tough times, don’t fret!

We have gathered and made a list of the finest words of encouragement you can use to lift yourself up or lift someone else up.

It could be your friend, a colleague, or a family member that’s not feeling their best self and need some encouraging quotes to help them stand back on their feet again.

How To Be Genuine With Your Words Of Encouragement

The word GENUINE—words of encouragement for those in need

Before we get into the words of encouragement list, here’s how you can best convey these words of encouragement and have them know it’s from a genuine place from your heart!

While in some cases of one’s life, a simple conversation starter like a heartfelt “hello,” a simple good morning message, or a hug can be enough to encourage a person who’s in a negative situation or get them out of the dark place they’re in.

However, that’s not always the case, and people who have suffered many defeats at life’s hands may need something more concrete, like words of encouragement, to start a new dream.

Here’s some advice you might want to consider before delivering your encouraging messages.

Approach Matters

A helping hand—words of encouragement for those in need

Approach the situation like you would want to be approached. For instance, some people don’t like opening up, but how you phrase your sentences might be the trigger for them to open up so you can encourage them.

“I have an inkling that you might not be feeling your best lately. Would you be willing to talk about it?” This shows that you’re genuinely interested in their well-being without being intrusive.

Be The Best Listener You Can Be

Two people listening to a wall

Not only does the etiquette of genuinely listening to someone who’s pouring out their experiences with the stressful situations that occurred to them make them feel like you care, but it shows you exactly what you need to say at that moment.

Look into their eyes when you listen to them, nod in agreement, and avoid distractions like your phone.

Adding Questions, Not Advice

A sign that says ask

It’s important to note that you should listen first, then ask questions. It could be open-ended questions to help them better assess their troubles and situation, so you can help them move forward.

However, since making mistakes is a common phenomenon, you might relate to their problem and advise them on how to overcome it based on personal experiences.

Understand that not everyone goes through a particular situation the same way, so avoid giving advice and make sure that the only time you want to is when they ask you for one.

You can offer words of encouragement once you’ve properly understood their stressful situation.

Words Of Encouragement For Strength

Two people showing strength

“No One Has The Power To Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Permission”- Eleanor Roosevelt

It all comes down to you, your positive vibes, and the mindset you’re working with.

These words of encouragement mean that with a positive mindset, no one can break you down because you don’t allow it!

True strength lies within, and you need to have the right perspective of the situation to get through it.

“Sometimes You’re Facing Difficult Situations Because You’re Doing Something Good And Right Rather Than The Wrong Thing” – Joel Osteen

In most cases, doing the good and the right things bring a lot of trouble into our lives, and people completely forget or fail to understand that it’s not wrong just because it’s difficult.

It doesn’t make perfect sense sometimes, but what you need to be good at is having the patience and the right understanding mentality when facing these situations.

“When You Find Yourself Doubting On Your Own Limits, Go Remember The Lengths You Have reached.”- Unrewarded Genius

A beautiful words of encouragement for someone who doubts their own capabilities.

As human beings, we often stray from our paths due to fear of failure. You feel weak and feel like the path you’ve set for yourself is unreachable or unattainable.

However, remember that you’ve started from nothing, and to worry about the lengths you’re going to achieve in this present situation, shows you that you’ve come this far!

Don’t give up!

Sometimes You Only Come To the Realization Of Your True Strengths When You Face Your Greatest Weakness”- Annonymous

We sometimes are unaware of our potential and strengths and tend to give up easily before we even face the situation.

For instance, you might want to take a job, but you’re too afraid that you might not be good enough.

This is just the place to sprinkle these words of encouragement for yourself or someone you know.

How would you know you’re bad at something when you haven’t even tried it?

Face that weakness and realise that you’ve always had it in you.

“At Any Give Moment In Life, We Always Have Two Choices: Step Forward Into Growth Or Step Back, Back To Safety”- Abraham Maslow

No matter what, a life spent making mistakes will always be better than a life spent in fear of making mistakes.

Just as Abraham Maslow states in his words of encouragement, you will most of the time have two choices to make.

Either you muster up the strength and courage to step forward into growth no matter what when you are faced with a life-altering decision, or you step back and cower.

It could be in your job search or in seeking a female companion; do you step ahead or back? One of these choices will create your fate.

In difficulty lies opportunity, so no matter where the moment puts you, have a headstrong mentality and push forward!

Words Of Encouragement For Hard Times

Someone in need

“Tough Times Are Bound To Disappear, But Tough People Do Not” Robert H. Schuller

When happiness closes or ceases to exist in times of struggle, we should always remember that it is only temporary; you’ll get through it eventually!

Do not be discouraged, as this sorrow will disappear all in its own time, but you will never vanish and come out stronger than before.

“You May Not Have The Power To Control The Multiple Events That Happens To You, But You Have The Power To Not Be Lessened By Them”- Maya Angelou

These powerful words of encouragement by Maya Angelou speak volumes since only you have the power to control your emotions.

Life is so unpredictable that at one point, you’ll be happy doing amazing things, but at the other, struggles develop naturally.

However, when we’re faced with a tough day, as ordinary people, we tend to revert to our negative emotions or thinking.

Be ready to step into the latter choice, which is being proactive. You can simply control or create the situation to your advantage rather than being lessened by it.

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“May All The Flowers Remind You Why The Rain Was Necessary” – Xan Oku

You feel like there’s no way out or things won’t get better when you’re striken with despair and misery.

But never forget that the place where you are in the moment will never be your final destination, and things will get better eventually.

Much like the flowers that bloom and use the rain to their advantage, we must look to sadness as a stepping stone to brighter days.

Xan Oku is simply saying, Don’t give up! You’ve got this!

“One Day, When You’re All Better, You Will Look Back To This Moment In Life And Be Glad That You Didn’t Give Up”- Brittany Burgunder

Moving forward shows one’s courage that even though happiness forgets about you for the moment, you still refuse to give up on it.

To prepare ordinary people like us, Brittany Burgunder encourages us to move forward by telling us that there are brighter days ahead and once sorrow ceases to exist when we are enjoying life at its finest, we will look back at this exact moment and be forever happy with ourselves that we never gave up!

Words Of Encouragement For Motivation

A person jumping high

“Never Say You Don’t Have Enough Time. Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Helen Keller, Michelangelo And All The Great Names In History Were Given Exactly The Same Number Of Hours In A Day As You”- H. Jackson Brown

Always be productive, trust in yourself, be the best version and strive to make a name for yourself! All the great names had fewer resources than you today but look at what they’ve achieved!

Embrace uncertainty that comes with seeking success. If they can do it, you can as well. All you need to do is look at your extraordinary destiny or the world straight in its eyes and conquer what you thought was impossible.

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“Be The Biggest Rainbow In Someone Else’s Cloud”- Maya Angelou

If you notice your friend, a colleague or a family member who’s been having the hardest week or just sad in general, lift them up.

You never know who’s going through something, so always live in a way that whenever you enter a room, you bring the light with you. That’s how you lead a happy life.

“What Lies Before Us Or What Lies Behind Us Are All Tiny Matters Compared To What Lies Inside Us”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson encourages us to let the past be and think beyond it.

Our future is what matters, and the past, compared to it, are tiny matters that shouldn’t concern us. Let it go without worry, whether it’s the wrong people, a wrong decision, or a sad encounter.

Don’t let your past life failures determine your one dream and future. Triumph begins when you’ve let go of all things that are holding you back!

“Years From Now, You Will Turn Out Disappointed By All The Things You Didn’t Do Rather Than The Ones You Did. So Break Free From The Safe Harbor You’ve Created, Latch On To The Trade Winds That Come Your Way. Discover, Explore, Dream!”- Mark Twain

A woman with a balloon

Remove the shackles holding you down from following your dreams or trying out new things that you’ve always wanted to.

Live a life that twenty years from now, you won’t be looking back on these years when you didn’t muster up the courage to do something and regret it till your last breath.

Life shrinks or has the chance of expanding according to your courage, so create that certain space where you’re free from all chains and live your best life!

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