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Would You Rather Questions for Parents

Expecting parents or current parents are always going to need ways to connect with their children. Or the children who show up to their homes for parties, gatherings, and friendly get-togethers. That’s why when I got asked, “Hey Ryan, what are some great would you rather questions for parents to use?” I said I got a few!

Before we jump in, my experience with these game questions…

I absolutely love the game of “would you rather.” It’s simple. And very easy to make up your own game questions once you get the hang of it. Typically, what I see, is that parents or people use a few game questions to get the concept and theme. Then make up their own questions.

The reason I love this game is because… it’s so simple! There’s no real need for instructions. People love to hear the questions, think about themselves, and answer in ways that show their personality.

To play, simply start asking! Or, if you really need it, here’s an instructional video that I like (with some game questions).

35 best would you rather questions for parents to use

When you want to get the game going, try out these fantastic questions to ask the players! All you have to do is start with “would you rather…” and then continue with these A or B question prompts:

  1. Never have to do laundry again or never have to do dishes?
  2. Mow the lawn or cook dinner?
  3. Hang out with the neighbors or go out to dinner?
  4. Be outside or be inside?
  5. Go to the park or go to the museum?
  6. Be with your friends on a Friday night or spend time with the family?
  7. Have family dinner every night or just once a week?
  8. Pick up the kids from school or have them take the bus?
  9. Teach them about life or teach them about finances?
  10. Help the kids across the street or random children you didn’t know?
  11. Donate your time or donate your money for charity?
  12. Make soup or grill on the BBQ?
  13. Go out to dinner or make a special one at home?
  14. Have a potluck or order out?
  15. Be in bed early or stay up late?
  16. Wake up early or wake up late?
  17. Spend your Saturday doing nothing or full of activities?
  18. Get that extra shot of espresso or hold off?
  19. Focus on your physical health or focus on your mental health?
  20. Be in the moment or daze off and daydream?
  21. Get it done at all costs and make mistakes or go slow and make sure it’s perfect?
  22. Teach yourself more about love or teach others about it?
  23. Take showers or take baths?
  24. Get a massage or go in the hottub?
  25. Save money or spend money and “live life”?
  26. Kiss each other out in public or keep it really private?
  27. Make the bed in the morning or feed the dogs and let them out?
  28. Go for dog walks in the morning or later in the evening?
  29. Have cool summer nights or warm winter days?
  30. Be at peace with chaos or have peace with nothing going on?
  31. Spend time getting fancy for a nice dinner or go casual?
  32. Look at the stars at night or watch a movie together?
  33. Have more kids or maybe hold off for a little longer?
  34. Take the money we have and invest it or spend it on things we will enjoy?
  35. Be part of your family trips or make our own family trips?

And there you have it. These questions are perfect for parents to ask each other. If you’re looking for questions that are great for kids, give this resource a shot.

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