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What Does YK Mean in Texting? (ANSWER!)

What does YK mean in texting? Well, if you got “YK” in a text message, it might seem a little unclear on what it actually stands for. That’s why when Jeremy, a close friend of mine asked, “Ryan, what is the slang YK meaning?” I thought, well, let me help out!

What does YK mean in a text? YK meaning explained…

YK stands for “You’re Kidding!” It’s when someone is responding to you saying something that might be a little shocking to them. For example, if a friend says, “I just almost got hit by a bus!” The response might be, “You’re kidding!” Or “YK!!”

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Alternative meanings

  • Young Kid
  • You’re Kind

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Examples in a text

—Examples of YK in a text!

Example one

  • James: I almost just got hit by another biker, what’s going on!? LOL!
  • Brian: YK!!!!

Example two

  • Kyle: Jeeze. YK! It’s like I can’t win, here.
  • Susan: I know, right!?

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Responses to YK

—Responses to YK!

Expected responses to YK in a text

  1. I’m not kidding, no!
  2. No way, not kidding at all!
  3. I know, right!?
  4. Jeeze, right?
  5. For real!

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Funny responses to YK in a text

  1. No no no, I am kidding.
  2. Yes, of course I’m kidding…. No, I’m not kidding!
  3. Do I ever kid with you?
  4. You know me as someone who jokes?
  5. I never tell a lie!

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Q&A about the YK Meaning

—Questions about YK.

What does YK mean when a guy texts it to you?

It means “you’re kidding,” which is a type of emotional response.

What does YK mean when a girl texts it to you?

A girl might text this as a type of ’emoji’ response to a text message. She’s saying, “you’re kidding, me!”

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