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10 Things it Means When He Calls You Amazing

Did someone call you amazing? I had a friend of mine, Kelli, who asked me, “Ryan, what does it mean when a guy calls you amazing? Does it mean that he actually thinks I’m amazing or what?” Well, it’s a little complicated and it’s a great question because it has some complications to it. Because the you are amazing (meaning) can bounce around to a few different things.

Before we dig in, let’s review my experience with this.

My experience on this subject…

Sometimes, I would say that people don’t know how to compliment others well. I was one of those people. I would try my very best to compliment someone. But what would happen is that I would sort of “stop short” on the compliment.

I would get locked up. And not be able to fully express myself. Or what I really thought or felt was going on.

As a result, the other person would feel a little bit confused. And they had every right to feel that way. They would feel like I was telling a lie. Or that I wasn’t being completely honest or open with them.

It wasn’t until later that I got a little bit more comfortable with myself and began to open up more about how I could help someone feel the same things I was thinking.

10 things it means when a guy calls you amazing

Here are some things it means when a guy calls you amazing:

1: He really thinks you’re amazing

One of the most basic things this can mean is, well, that he thinks you’re amazing! Sure, it might not sound like the strongest compliment. And it’s not…

But maybe it’s you that needs to adjust. Is that you’re not convinced when someone tells you something positive? There’s a chance that this could be a self-image problem that YOU are dealing with.

2: He’s not really able to give deep compliments

Some people just aren’t comfortable opening up that much. And they give kind of “surface” compliments when it comes to saying nice things.

It doesn’t mean that they aren’t a nice person. Just that they’re a little bit more reserved in the way they think and compliment other people.

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3: He’s more of a surface thinker than a deep thinker

Just like the above, someone who is a “surface thinker” is not going to give you that deep sentiment that you’re looking for. The way to tell is to think about your conversations with them.

If the conversations often feel a little bit “surface-level,” then there’s a good chance that their compliment is going to be the same way.

I wouldn’t take it to heart!

4: He’s got a type of “cold personality”

A person with a cold personality is one that doesn’t really let you in. That means that they’re not really willing to tell you their true feelings. And unwilling to show you any vulnerable sides of them.

If you’re feeling like this person is one of those—then you have your reason for why you got the “you’re amazing” compliment.

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5: There’s potentially not strong feelings toward you

Maybe he’s not really that interested in you. A “you’re amazing” (or “you’re pretty”) compliment or comment is sort of dry. When you really boil it down.

Everything can be amazing. And it doesn’t really describe who you are. Or what makes you amazing, exactly. And there’s a chance that he actually doesn’t have any TRULY strong feelings toward you.

6: There is some shyness about wanting to open up with you

A guy can be shy. Someone who is a bit more on the shy end of the spectrum (when it comes to their personality) is going to struggle with telling you something that they want to say, but don’t exactly know how you’re going to respond to it.

In reality, it’s more that the person doesn’t know how you’ll respond—rather than being able to express themselves fully.

7: He’s scared about what you might say if he really opens up

Similar to the above, someone who isn’t shy—but isn’t giving you an in-depth compliment might just be afraid to see what you have to say after they say something.

If your personality is the type that tends to be confrontational—then you might have your answer. Try to take a look in the mirror and determine if you’re the type of person that is inviting and warm for others who approach them.

8: There was just not enough time to give you a full compliment

Sometimes, it’s just a timing problem. And nothing else. There’s nothing deeper to really dig into, other than the person is just “complimenting you in passing” and simply doesn’t have the time to really give you the compliment that you deserve.

I’d say the way to tell is to look at the scenario and the situation. If they were occupied with something or someone. And happened to give you this compliment. Then you have your answer, right there.

9: He’s holding back some of the strong feelings he has about you

Maybe he’s holding something back from you. When a guy friend says this, it could mean that he’s really wanting to tell you how he feels but he’s scared.

There’s potential that he has strong feelings for you but isn’t really capable of telling you yet. And might be looking for you to give him signs that it’s okay for him to open up.

10: He might not actually think you’re amazing

People lie! Yes, they lie! And, there’s a good chance that if you got a “you’re amazing” dry compliment—that person is lying.

They don’t think you’re amazing. And sometimes, it could mean that they think you’re kind of an a**hole. But instead of confronting you about it, they’ll just give you a cheap compliment like this one. And then walk away from the situation.

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