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You’re my person meaning in a relationship (FACTS!)

James, one of my close friends, asked me, “Ryan, what does you’re my person mean in a relationship? I had a girl who told me this the other day. And I think it’s a good thing. But I’m not totally sure.” Well, James, I have some good news for you! It is a very good thing. And I have an explanation for you—here’s the you’re my person meaning in a relationship.

Let’s jump into it…

You’re my person meaning in a relationship

Someone who says “you’re my person” is trying to tell you that you are their “one and only.” This is the concept that you are the only person that really matters to them.

I’d say this is a very good thing because that means the person believes that you could be their soulmate. Or that they are only thinking about you. Or that no matter what, that you will be the highest priority to them in life.

It’s a very good thing to be someone’s “person.” Think of this as someone saying that they adore you.

How it’s commonly used

It’s most commonly used when trying to tell someone that you really love them, kind of like a very deep compliment that you’re trying to give to that person.

It won’t be used as a type of nickname. For example, “my person” is not a not a nickname that they’ll call you repeatedly. It’s more of a “single-use” phrase that’s put inside of a sentence that they are saying (or a text) to try and get you to swoon. Or feel something overwhelming.

How “you’re my person” is used in a conversation

Here are some examples of how it could be used in a conversation:

Example one

Erin: You’re my person, Patrick.

Patrick: Darling, I love you so much.

Example two

James: You’re my person, Susie. I just know it. When I wake up, I think about you. And I never stop.

Susie: James, I love you so much, and this is so sweet of you to say.

My person used by a guy or girl

It’s more common for a girl to say, “you’re my person” to a guy. And used as a way of complimenting him. Or telling him how she feels (it’s a very deep feeling).

Men will say this phrase—although, it’s only less common because men struggle with the expression of their feelings more. If you’re with a guy who is more capable of expressing themselves, you could hear this phrase and expression used.

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